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Patient Testimonials

“The essential measure of our success is the manner in which our patients view us.”

I loved Dr. Bitter’s bedside manner and care. As an Asian, my skin is super sensitive to lasers and there aren’t a lot of people I would trust with my skin. Dr. Bitter is an expert – clearly involved in developing treatment protocols for BBL Forever Young. He told me about how he spearheaded a study on BBL and how it upregulated youthful genes – wow! so cool to have a physician whose treatment protocols are rooted in science and experience. Dr. Bitter spent a lot of time discussing my wishes and expectations, then recommending the right treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Bitter to everyone.

Caturday – San Jose (

If you are reading this then you have found Dr. Patrick Bitter in Los Gatos. Lucky you! You are on your way to beautiful skin. I went to see Dr. Bitter to get help for my sun-damaged skin. After receiving treatment on my face and neck, including Dr. Bitter’s renowned photo facial treatment, my husband saw me and said, “Did you get a face lift?” I looked in the mirror and was truly astounded at the results. My face and skin were firmer and I had fewer wrinkles and sun spots. My skin looked years younger! Dr. Bitter is the Michelangelo of his profession. He has the artistry and skill, along with his treatments, to make your skin look younger. Dr. Bitter and his staff are so enjoyable to work with. They’re amazing!!

Debra – Campbell

After my two pregnancies, I experienced more freckles and noticed that older freckles were darker. I don’t do a lot of sun so I was ultra surprised. I’m so excited to have my FIRST BBL treatment. As an Asian, my skin is super sensitive to lasers and there aren’t a lot of people I would trust with my skin. Dr. Bitter spent a lot of time discussing my wishes and expectations, then recommending the right treatment (BBL). I loved Dr. Bitter’s bedside manner and care – the office staff was also very friendly and engaging. I highly recommend Dr. Bitter to everyone!

Wendy A. – Santa Clara (

I love Dr. Bitters and his products. His facial treatments have me looking years younger and I make an appointment to see him every time that he comes down to Southern California.

Gold E. – Los Angeles (

Dr. Bitter has been my Doctor for about 8 years and he is an extraordinary Doctor that has an amazing gift. He is a true artist and his staff like him genuinely cares for their patients! I encourage everyone to visit Dr. Bitter and his team, they create miracles!

Robyn A.

I’ve had the FotoFacial treatment done multiple times and each time I was extremely happy with the effectiveness and results. I had spent a lot of time in the sun and by my 40’s had a lot of freckles and stubborn dark spots and no other treatment or cream had lightened them. After the FotoFacial treatment, they dissolved. The day or two after the treatment the spots got darker, which I was told to expect. Then I saw them disintegrate significantly every day until they were gone. It was like a miracle treatment because it was so fast and it treated things nothing else had worked on. Thank you, Dr. Bitter, for making this result possible and for making it available for everyone


Laura performed my Skin Cleansing Facial, she along with the whole staff were very friendly and welcoming. She made sure I was comfortable with the treatment throughout, explaining each step as she went. All of the products used felt great and left with my skin feeling so smooth and fresh, and looking very healthy. Would definitely recommend!

A.C. – San Jose

Using both FotoFacial Age Delay Super Serum Mist and Physical Sun Block has been amazing in keeping my skin hydrated, protected, and covered, better than any known brand cosmetic makeup that I have ever tried. This FotoFacial skin product combo prevents my skin from getting oily and makes the tinted sunblock very effective in covering up redness and acne marks on my face. I’d recommend using both products created by Dr. Bitter Jr. to anyone who wants to use a multifunction sunblock to protect your skin and make your skin look even toned without using any foundation or powder.

H.R. – a busy professional in Silicon Valley, CA

I was very hesitant to start the standard anti-aging treatments. But as I passed 50, I decided to take the plunge. He is EXCELLENT at designing the perfect procedures to achieve my desired result without changing my overall appearance. I look like myself, except, according to my friends, 7 years younger:) Very happy! Yes, you will end up waiting. He talks to all his patients and really explains the procedures. Time gets away from him. I think it is a fair trade-off.

Christine C. – San Jose (

Dr. Bitter is amazing. By far the best dermatologist I have ever been to. Do not hesitate to call him.

CoCo F. – Los Angeles (

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bitter’s for almost 10 years. The staff always makes me feel welcome and I always love my results! I have a crazy schedule and they always work with me to get me in for appointments. Everyone is very friendly and very professional. Dr. Bitter is like an artist and knows exactly what to do to help me keep a youthful appearance without overdoing it and allowing me to “age gracefully!”

A.S. – Morgan Hill

Best doctor and staff anywhere, kind, professional – so Caring! Thank You!

Dr. Bitter, I appreciated the last minute treatment. I love the passion for improvement and care for his patients.

Dr. Bitter, I enjoyed my visits, the staff and doctor are very friendly. Experience! I trust Dr. Bitter

Alla, is the one to go to for anything. Always does well around the eyes when giving botox injection.

Dr. Bitter, wouldn’t go any where else- always knows what will look good and not over done! Thank you Dr. Bitter!

Dr. Bitter,I love how dark spots are fading away. I definitely like the treatment. After the BBL I like how my upper lip is starting to look.

*The above testimonials are from actual patients of Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr. Individual results may vary.

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