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Patient Testimonials

“The essential measure of our success is the manner in which our patients view us.”

I’m happy to tell you the heat treatment that you did for my Achilles tendinitis seems to have really helped. Immediately after the treatment I felt better and a week later the pain is 99% gone. Thank you so much

Jim H., San Jose

WOW – my sun spots are completely gone after only 1 treatment. I want to be a reference for future customers.

Paul S., San Francisco

Richard Haxton, Clinical Aesthetician – Anything outside of my realm of practice from medical dermatology to cosmetic correction and enhancement, I refer only to Dr. Bitter Junior. He is the only doctor who I can say I can endorse with 100% confidence. In addition to Dr. Bitter, I give five stars to his lovely medical assistant, Tina!! They are simply the best of the very best!!!! (

Mother of the Groom! – Early 2015 after hearing my son was getting married I felt I had to look and feel my best for this special event. Knowing of Dr. Bitter and his exceptional background, specializing in FotoFacial I made my first appointment in Santa Monica (great that he has this second office). During the consultation he spent so much time listening to my goals and truly wanting me to tell him what I would like to see improve. After at least 30 minutes with me, we set a plan and over the next few months I went to my sons wedding with confidence. Thank you Dr. Bitter for your attention to detail and skill. (

I’m not too sure how anyone could have anything but a 5 star review. I had a very serious rash on my face. I called 1st thing in the morning and they saw me an hour later and I know this is a busy Dr. The Dr. spent all the time I needed and was very prompt. I feel so much better now that I’m in the right care after being misdiagnosed by another Dr. Thank you Dr. Bitter and your staff is exceptional*

Matt B. – San Mateo, CA (

Dr. Bitter Jr and his staff are AMAZING to say the least. They’re all so welcoming & helpful. I’m constantly finding myself leaving the office happy with everything that has gone on! Dr. Bitter, Jr. is VERY knowledgeable and takes his time to understand and evaluate everything that is necessary! He’s very gentle and gives you detailed explanations on what and why he’s doing things! Such an amazing team – I would recommend them to anyone!

Nathalie S. – Los Angeles, CA (

Dr. Bitter is amazing! The nicest Dr. I have ever had. He takes his time with you and actually cares about your skin.

Matt F. – Los Gatos, CA (

Dr. Bitter has been by go to dermatologist for 10 years. His wealth of knowledge about skin and skincare and anti aging is just the beginning! He is caring and takes his time with patients. He only recommends what you really need and doesn’t try to upsell. I travel hours to get to him because he is just that great! The icing is most people guess me to be 8-10 years younger than I am with no plastic surgery. Thank you Dr. Bitter! The staff are all sweethearts too!

Sherri Z. – Rancho Santa Fe, CA (

Absolute Great Doctor with Integrity – I have been seeing Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr. for many years off and on and he has always been very professional. I find that many of these rating do not do any justice for many doctors. If you want to find out for yourself on any subject matter see for your self and remember reviews sometimes can be misleading due to someones expectations on what their outcome came out to be. Remember ladies and gents. that any kind of procedure is always taking a risk. We always tend to put too much on the Doctor and we are always wanting a miracle. Doctor’s are to be helpers and to do what they have been trained to do. They are not miracle workers! A note to self and others out there. (

I loved Dr. Bitter’s bedside manner and care. As an Asian, my skin is super sensitive to lasers and there aren’t a lot of people I would trust with my skin. Dr. Bitter is an expert – clearly involved in developing treatment protocols for BBL Forever Young. He told me about how he spearheaded a study on BBL and how it upregulated youthful genes – wow! so cool to have a physician whose treatment protocols are rooted in science and experience. Dr. Bitter spent a lot of time discussing my wishes and expectations, then recommending the right treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Bitter to everyone.

Caturday – San Jose, CA (

If you are reading this then you have found Dr. Patrick Bitter in Los Gatos. Lucky you! You are on your way to beautiful skin. I went to see Dr. Bitter to get help for my sun-damaged skin. After receiving treatment on my face and neck, including Dr. Bitter’s renowned photo facial treatment, my husband saw me and said, “Did you get a face lift?” I looked in the mirror and was truly astounded at the results. My face and skin were firmer and I had fewer wrinkles and sun spots. My skin looked years younger! Dr. Bitter is the Michelangelo of his profession. He has the artistry and skill, along with his treatments, to make your skin look younger. Dr. Bitter and his staff are so enjoyable to work with. They’re amazing!!

Debra – Campbell, CA

After my two pregnancies, I experienced more freckles and noticed that older freckles were darker. I don’t do a lot of sun so I was ultra surprised. I’m so excited to have my FIRST BBL treatment. As an Asian, my skin is super sensitive to lasers and there aren’t a lot of people I would trust with my skin. Dr. Bitter spent a lot of time discussing my wishes and expectations, then recommending the right treatment (BBL). I loved Dr. Bitter’s bedside manner and care – the office staff was also very friendly and engaging. I highly recommend Dr. Bitter to everyone!

Wendy A. – Santa Clara, CA (

Dr. Bitter is an excellent dermatologist

I recommend Dr. Bitter very highly. His expertise in the field of dermatology is unsurpassed. Dr. Bitter is among the best dermatologists in his field. (

I love Dr. Bitters and his products. His facial treatments have me looking years younger and I make an appointment to see him every time that he comes down to Southern California.

Gold E. – Los Angeles, CA (

My mom was able to get treatment from Dr. Bitter when he came down to Santa Monica to see patients. Her results from BBL treatment truly made her skin look more radiant and youthful. Now she is convincing my Dad to do the same. Ha!

David P. – Rancho Cucamonga, CA (Google)

When my husband had a mild stroke, Dr Bitter was assigned his Nephrologist at St Ann’s. He listened and spoke to my husband without judgement and or criticism. He is an amazing Dr. who was able to communicate to my husband and make him understand that taking his medicine was a life saving decision. He takes the extra time and empathy to get thru to a patient that needs a caring Doctor to have them understand the importance of medical care. Thank you Dr Bitter for making my husband healthier so he may enjoy a long life.

Cynthia O. (Google)

Dr. Bitter has been my Doctor for about 8 years and he is an extraordinary Doctor that has an amazing gift. He is a true artist and his staff like him genuinely cares for their patients! I encourage everyone to visit Dr. Bitter and his team, they create miracles!

Robyn A.

I’ve had the FotoFacial treatment done multiple times and each time I was extremely happy with the effectiveness and results. I had spent a lot of time in the sun and by my 40’s had a lot of freckles and stubborn dark spots and no other treatment or cream had lightened them. After the FotoFacial treatment, they dissolved. The day or two after the treatment the spots got darker, which I was told to expect. Then I saw them disintegrate significantly every day until they were gone. It was like a miracle treatment because it was so fast and it treated things nothing else had worked on. Thank you, Dr. Bitter, for making this result possible and for making it available for everyone


He is Amazing – Even though I have pretty good skin condition, Dr. Bitter did a photo facial with skin tightening, along with Juvaderm, and I am really surprised at the results. Everyone thinks I look ten years younger, and I’m going to be 58 in September. Dr. Bitter does a really good job! (

Laura performed my Skin Cleansing Facial, she along with the whole staff were very friendly and welcoming. She made sure I was comfortable with the treatment throughout, explaining each step as she went. All of the products used felt great and left with my skin feeling so smooth and fresh, and looking very healthy. Would definitely recommend!

A.C. – San Jose, CA

Using both FotoFacial Age Delay Super Serum Mist and Physical Sun Block has been amazing in keeping my skin hydrated, protected, and covered, better than any known brand cosmetic makeup that I have ever tried. This FotoFacial skin product combo prevents my skin from getting oily and makes the tinted sunblock very effective in covering up redness and acne marks on my face. I’d recommend using both products created by Dr. Bitter Jr. to anyone who wants to use a multifunction sunblock to protect your skin and make your skin look even toned without using any foundation or powder.

H.R. – a busy professional in Silicon Valley, CA

I was very hesitant to start the standard anti-aging treatments. But as I passed 50, I decided to take the plunge. He is EXCELLENT at designing the perfect procedures to achieve my desired result without changing my overall appearance. I look like myself, except, according to my friends, 7 years younger:) Very happy! Yes, you will end up waiting. He talks to all his patients and really explains the procedures. Time gets away from him. I think it is a fair trade-off.

Christine C. – San Jose, CA (

Dr. Bitter is amazing. By far the best dermatologist I have ever been to. Do not hesitate to call him.

CoCo F. – Los Angeles, CA (

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bitter’s for almost 10 years. The staff always makes me feel welcome and I always love my results! I have a crazy schedule and they always work with me to get me in for appointments. Everyone is very friendly and very professional. Dr. Bitter is like an artist and knows exactly what to do to help me keep a youthful appearance without overdoing it and allowing me to “age gracefully!”

A.S. – Morgan Hill, CA

I’ve been going to Dr. Bitter Jr. for skin care BBL treatment as needed for Rosacea. He is the best in my opinion! I was at his Office today  and had my treatment done by his RN BSN Sofia. Wow she is fantastic! She is knowledgable, competent and caring! If you can’t get in to see Dr. Bitter Jr. right away or as soon as needed I can say she is really really good! Jump at the chance to see her! She made sure I was comfortable and taken care of! Totally Awesome at her job!

Laura F. – Santa Clara, CA (

Dr Bitter is one the most intelligent doctors I have ever met. He really knows his stuff. A few friends recommended him. I believe that he is one of the top doctors in dermatology because he teaches other doctors the techniques he uses. I know he lectures around the world on some of the techniques and many people in health care respect him a lot. One thing is that he is very busy so sometimes it’s hard to get and appointment. That’s tells me he must be good.

Susie P. – San Jose, CA (

I’ve been a patient of Dr Bitter, Jr. for 14 years & have had VERY positive experiences with my Foto-Facial treatments. All of the redness and little veins in my cheeks which really stood out are gone. Dr Bitter is always so present when examining or treating me; whatever procedure he suggests or is performing, he keeps up an ongoing description of why and what he is doing. Quite reassuring. The equipment he uses keeps changing, and he always explains how the new machines work (well, very basically). I’m so glad I found him.

Joshua R. – Monterey, CA (

Dr Bitter and his staff are wonderful, caring, & passionate about skincare and helping those w/ acne and skin cancer. I would rather wait a few minutes  extra for exceptional care. Tina is a gifted esthetician and I always leave w/the best service. They are busy but that is because they are that good at what they do. It is not about $$$$ for them it is 100% about helping people w/ their skin concerns. They have helped me w/ my adult acne so much.

Kim A. – Campbell, CA (

Dr Patrick Bitter Jr. has been a very astute and compassionate physician to my family for several years now. I was the first patient to seek him out, and referred my elderly parents and then my husband. He has consistently treated my father and mother with sensitive caring around some office surgeries needed. I myself have seen him for several needs, from skin checks, to lesion removals, and IPL. Though I don’t pursue many cosmetic procedures, I’ve never had to feel pressured to try something new. He understands my conservative preferences, and always treats me with respect and never pushes the issue to try this or that. He extends excellent bedside manner and always sets me at ease. His long-time-medical assistant, Tina, is quite knowledgeable and efficient in her profession. To those on Yelp that complain about the wait time, any time we spent in waiting room , I always know that I will later receive answers to all my questions, and total explanation of findings and plan,  when he comes in the room to see me. He’s guaranteed very thorough  and detailed. In summary, wonderful person, sweet humor, gentle approach, and superior dermatologist.

Gratitude Gurl – San Jose, CA (

Love Dr. Bitter Jr.  I have seen him for photo facial treatment and fillers. He is THE BEST. True, the office has a tough time sticking to their appointment schedule. I think it’s because Dr. Bitter takes so much time with each patient. He is a perfectionist. Exactly who you would want working on your face! He’s very personable too–that as well may slow him down a bit. Book your appointment early before his day gets impacted. Tina, his assistant is kind, compassionate and helpful.

Nancy A. – San Martin, CA (

I’m finally jumping on to write a review about Dr. Bitter JR. He is an amazing dermatologist and I have been seeing him for over 16 years. I have recommended him to numerous friends w/multiple treatments, because frankly, he’s the best. From the 1st time I stepped into his office, he showed complete compassion and then followed up w/a solid plan. He continues to do that year, after year, after year. I was impressed with the fact that even though he was the inventor of the Photofacial he didn’t actually recommend it for me until years after going to him and once my skin changed after having my 1st child. All of his treatments work wonders for me and the products I’ve used (some times he only recommends a line of product and that will do the trick w/out a procedure) have always been perfect for my skin issues. Love the nurse that has worked for him for years and the front staff is always great to work with as well. Will continue going to one of my favorite doctors and give a very high recommendation!

Sarena N. – San Jose, CA (

I’ve been going to Dr. Patrick Bitter for PhotoFacials since my early forties and this review is long overdue. I don’t talk about my PhotoFacials much in person, because I want to keep my beauty secrets secret, but I’m telling you online because in my opinion, he should not have any bad reviews here. Granted, my visits are mostly for improving the appearance of my skin and keeping my age a secret, but in one case Dr. Bitter helped me defeat a chronic eczema condition on my scalp that LOTS of other GPs and Dermatologists had not been able to help me with. Finding a treatment for the eczema has improved the quality of my life, because the eczema was chronically itchy and caused  very bad skin flaking. I am over 50 now (*sigh*) and I look like I’m in my 30’s largely due to Dr. Bitter’s Photo Facials a regular skin care that include some of Dr. Bitter’s products and some not too fancy skin cleansers. I also exercise regularly, drink lots of water, wear a good sunscreen on my face that doesn’t make my skin break out. I also don’t overdo it in the sun and I keep away from alcohol, which will destroy your skin. When I go for a procedure I don’t wait very long in the waiting room, but I typically wait in the procedure room while the numbing cream has time to work.  It’s a doctor’s office, not a spa, so be prepared for crinkly paper and hospital gowns, not fluffy bathrobes squishy chairs and cucumber water.  I bring something to read or use my laptop or phone with the free wireless.  It’s my understanding that the numbing cream works best if you leave it on for some time.  I asked the nurse once and she told be, I’m pretty sure it was around a half hour, but I don’t remember exactly.  I’ve never had to wait beyond the time it takes for the numbing cream to work. I’ve had aqua facials there too which are really nice and laser hair removal which is really affordable and nice too. Lots of people do Photo Facials now and I’ve heard a wide variety of stories from other people, but I trust Dr. Bitter and his staff. Their prices are not out of this world either, when you take into consideration Dr. Bitter is the best qualified person on the planet to do the procedure, then I think it’s worth an added premium (slightly ironic here). The advice they have given me for skin care over the years has been great. One warning though, be prepared for people to be jealous of your ageless beauty if you choose to get regular Photo Facials and follow Dr. Bitter’s skin care advice (absolutely no irony here).

Marcia B. – Campbell, CA (

Dr. Bitter Jr. is the man!! I wrestled back in high school and had some horrible cases of staph and ring worm from dirty wrestling mats. I went to several doctors and none of them could help me like Dr. Bitter did. Yes, you may expect a wait, but that’s because he’s a popular doctor.

Abbas D. – Cupertino, CA (

Been a patient of Dr. Bitter and Bitter Jr. for over 10 years for various skin issues. They are both phenomenal doctors and have helped my family and I quickly recover from anything we went to him for. Now that aside, yes, the staff there, although all very nice, are highly disorganized. Waiting way past your appointment time can be routine during busy seasons. I give them 5 stars because I only care about what matters most, and that’s the doctors and their ability to help my family and I heal or deal with medical issues. I don’t mind waiting (most of the time anyway) and having been there so long I have learned work-arounds to their staffing issues. I would say though that if you are in a tight schedule, I’d probably schedule a different day.

Damion V. – San Jose, CA (

Once you get to see him he is great, helped with my cold sores and cancer screenings, plus he is a triathlete like me so I enjoy chatting with him. But I have waited about an hour past my appointment to be seen the last two visits, judging from other reviews this is the norm. Too bad since he seems to be a great doctor.

Jason M. – Auburn, CA (

Yes, expect to wait…it happens at a doctor’s office…let alone a GOOD doctor. It’s the same as complaining about a wait at the best restaurant in town 🙂 That said, there’s a wait because once you go in with Dr. Bitter, you have his complete, undivided attention. He is amazing at listening to all of your concerns, and taking the time to do the magic that he is so well-known for! I never plan to be in and out of there, but in return am never rushed when I am being seen by him. He is incredibly thoughtful in his work, in which he takes a lot of pride, and makes sure to send you out 100% happy. If you prefer to going into one of the many turnstile type businesses that are a dime a dozen, then yes, expect to be seen right away, but also expect cookie cutter work. Oh, and by the way, I wait for Dr. Bitter to come down to the L.A. office once every other month because he is the only person I trust, because he also happens to be very honest about what you DON’T need, which, again, good luck finding anywhere else.

MS. C. – Los Angeles, CA (

I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Dr. Bitter Jr and his staff. Recently I finished the HCG Weigtloss Program and lost 35lbs in 40 days. His nurse, Irene, took a genuine interest in making sure I was successful and not just wasting my money. It’s nice that a dermatologist would not just be focused on giving me laser procedure and botox, but he was sincerely interested in my overall health. I’m now on their hormone program they offer and feeling better than I have since I can remember. I strongly would recommend Dr. Bitter Jr. as well as either or both of these programs to my family and friends. I did have one appointment where I waited an extra 30 minutes passed my scheduled time, but when I was with him I had his full attention and never felt rushed. You can only assume that maybe his staff schedules too many people and don’t take in to account that he is deliberate and detailed with his patients and they should take that in to account when setting his calendar. Again, I have and will continue to refer friends and family to Dr. Bitter and look forward to my follow-up next month!

John T. – San Francisco, CA (

Excellent doctor. Very knowledgeable and patient. He recently diagnosed and treated a problem I had suffered with for years (which had been incorrectly diagnosed/treated by other doctors). An occasional wait is common with most doctors who give you their undivided attention. I highly recommend him without reservation.

Maria W. – San Jose, CA (

Dr. Bitter successfully treated me for a couple of age-relayed dermatology issues. Initially, he gave me more than one option for treatment explaining everything very thoroughly. He helped me to decide on a conservative (and less expensive) approach that I’m very happy with. I will return to him in the future because he carefully listened to me and did what he thought was best for me and within my budget. He was also as enthusiastic with the positive outcome of my procedure as I was. His staff is very helpful and friendly. They were sensitive to my needs during my procedure and went that extra mile to make my visit a pleasant and successful one. I also got some freebies on my way out. Who doesn’t love that? I’ve seen other dermatologists for consultations but Dr. Bitter was the best AND the most reasonably priced – a big plus in today’s economy.

Mike D. – San Jose, CA (

Best doctor and staff anywhere, kind, professional – so Caring! Thank You!

Dr. Bitter, I appreciated the last minute treatment. I love the passion for improvement and care for his patients.

Dr. Bitter, I enjoyed my visits, the staff and doctor are very friendly. Experience! I trust Dr. Bitter

Alla, is the one to go to for anything. Always does well around the eyes when giving botox injection.

Dr. Bitter, wouldn’t go any where else- always knows what will look good and not over done! Thank you Dr. Bitter!

Dr. Bitter,I love how dark spots are fading away. I definitely like the treatment. After the BBL I like how my upper lip is starting to look.

*The above testimonials are from actual patients of Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr. Individual results may vary.

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