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Abla Christiansen Aesthetic Director

I have always cared deeply about my skin, my health, my look and overall wellness.

Like most women, I have spent thousands of dollars on beauty products, makeup, skincare and other feel good treatments. I’ve also spent thousands on aesthetic treatments like laser hair removal, IPL, Botox, dermal fillers and laser treatments. Much of it was mediocre to bad results to getting burned. I struggled with Acne and used every product available, with dismal outcomes.

Do Your Research 

I simply did not know how to make good choices in aesthetics/cosmetics. Like everyone else, I chose the closest inexpensive strip mall medical spa because I did not know any better.  After getting financially burned and physically scarred by several of these places, my friend suggested I go to a dermatologist with experience in botox, injectables and laser treatments.  I followed her advice and went directly to a dermatologist, and am so grateful!

Delay signs of aging with Botox and Juvederm Dermal Fillers

People always ask me how I look so young at my age. I am very open and happy to share my favorite beauty treatments: I get Botox every 3 months, (or Newtox- our latest neurotoxin), Juvéderm and Voluma (my two favorite lip and facial fillers). Botox and fillers give every woman an opportunity to look and feel better. I also get regular FotoFacial treatments. Dr. Bitter’s research with Stanford University proved that the Fotofacial with Broad Band Light actually changes the genetic expression of skin cells, turning off older acting cells and turning on younger acting skin cells! Wow! He uses a powerful laser by Sciton. I also get Halo Resurfacing 1-2 times a year and SkinTyte Treatments regularly.

Invest in your Skin with a Fotofacial with BBL and SkinTyte Treatment

The thousands we spend a year at the makeup counter could be spent on a Fotofacial! Once people find us and understand this, our new guests and customers become lifelong customers of Dr. Bitter’s.

Invest in your Body with Coolsculpting

For the body, I love how CoolSculpting has gotten rid of the pesky stubborn love handles; and my latest favorite is skin tightening with our SkinTyte Laser. I love getting SkinTyte all over my body, on my neck and lower face, and eyes. I love how it makes me look and feel. Everyone who tries it loves it. Dr. Bitter has also developed new treatments for female sexual wellness called LoveTyte, one for men called MANUP!, and one for pain called HealLYTE. I’ve tried everything but ManUP!, and they are all amazing!

My Beauty Tips

1st) Invest in your skin! So worth every penny. I get 4-6 Fotofacial Treatments a year and my skin looks better every year! Avoid the deals, this and chains, this is your only face.  Find a great provider who knows skin, lasers, and injectables like Dr. Bitter and our talented and caring providers.  2nd) Take care of yourself with a healthy, organic (if possible) diet, medical grade and/or organic skincare, fitness and time to do things you love (mine are yoga, cardio and weights), bike riding and hiking and traveling.  3rd) Take Time for yourself and remember to enjoy the journey. We all work so hard in Silicon Valley and life can get a little crazy! My personal philosophy is to be and live the light and beauty, and have fun along the way.

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Dr. Bitter is a sought after speaker and a nationally renowned expert and lecturer on many topics including FotoFacial®, BBL, skin rejuvenation, and the new ManUp!™ and LoveTyte™. If you are interested in attending one of his training’s or conferences, call 408-358-5757 or email

To learn more about world renowned dermatologist Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr’s online training courses, contact him at (408) 358-5757 or opt in to our training notifications here.

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