Thinning or Wrinkling Lips

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thinning or wrinkling lips concerns

Your lips may begin to thin or wrinkle even in your late 20s. Slowing collagen production due to aging and frequent lip movements through speaking, eating, and expressing over time eventually take their toll.

The lips are sensitive to dryness and to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which can cause collagen to break down. As the muscles around the mouth weaken with age, the lips progressively lose their shape. Many women adopt a habit of applying lipstick daily as they age to make their lips appear larger and fuller.

Recommended Treatments

Thinning, wrinkling lips can be treated with injectable fillers or lip augmentation. Select fillers are soft and smooth enough to delicately enhance the lips, adding fullness and smoothness to their shape and texture. Lip augmentation with Restylane Silk can enhance lip volume, shape, size, texture, and smoothness.

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