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Hello, I’m Dr. Patrick Bitter, and I’m a cosmetic dermatologist from the San Francisco Bay Area. My areas of expertise are creating beautiful skin and body shaping.

Today I want to talk to you about CoolSculpting and I would like to share three important points for anybody who is interested in wanting to improve their shape and enhance their body without surgery.

First: CoolSculpting is an exciting new treatment that uses a method of freezing to remove fat effectively and improve your shape. So the first point I would like to make is that you want to ensure the office you go to for your CoolSculpting consultation explains to you whether you are a candidate for CoolSculpting or not. At this stage they should be able to explain to you that not everyone is a great candidate.

Second: You want to ask about the experience of the CoolSculpting center that you go to. Not all CoolSculpting results or treatments are the same. And those of us who have been doing CoolSculpting have come to appreciate that adding some types of treatments to CoolSculpting can increase the results; such as using Broadband Light for tightening your skin, a method for gently treating your skin, and those treatments can be done after CoolSculpting to create and even smoother, tighter skin.

Third: You want to make sure that they answer all of your questions so that you feel confident and comfortable that you are a great candidate for CoolSculpting.

I hope that these have been helpful and I want to thank you for watching. If you would like more information, please visit my profile on realself.

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CoolSculpting ®

Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr. is excited to offer the latest non-surgical technology available to everyone interested in a slimmer, sculpted body!

CoolSculpting® is an FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment that utilizes controlled cooling to get rid of unwanted fat. As a specialist in non-surgical treatment and techniques that improve skin health, delay aging, and enhance your appearance, board-certified dermatologist Patrick Bitter, Jr., M.D. is proud to offer CoolSculpting® treatments to improve your body shape without any surgery. The technology in CoolSculpting® eliminates stubborn fat that resists diet and exercise with proven, lasting results.

As the pioneer and developer of the acclaimed FotoFacial® procedure, Dr. Bitter prefers to employ groundbreaking, advanced, and safe technologies for the benefit of his patients. CoolSculpting® uses advanced technology to freeze and destroy fat cells while keeping the surrounding tissues 100 percent safe. With a passion for helping his patients and dedication to his work, Dr. Bitter is excited to offer not only CoolSculpting® but also DualSculpting: the ability to use two CoolSculpting® machines in one treatment session to freeze twice the amount of fat cells in half the time! Patients who undergo CoolSculpting® treatment will quickly discover the benefits of fat removal.

For your CoolSculpting® treatment, Dr. Bitter or one of his experienced and well-trained medical staff or registered nurses will apply a gel pad and applicator to the target area(s). The CoolSculpting® applicator will then deliver controlled cooling to freeze the targeted fat cells. With no anesthesia and no needles, you can feel free to read, check your email, relax, or take a nap while letting the CoolSculpting® machine do all the work. Afterward, you can immediately go about your normal business, and your body will absorb the treated fat cells over the following weeks. With as few as one to two treatments, you will have a progressively and noticeably slimmer body contour as the weeks go by.

CoolSculpting® can effectively eliminate fat in the following areas:

  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Back Fat
  • Flanks
  • Bra Fat
  • Double Chin (submental)
  • Upper Arms

Benefits of CoolSculpting®


CoolSculpting® is non-surgical, which means there are no needles, no incisions, no anesthesia, and no invasive techniques. You can have noticeable improvements to your body shape without having to undergo the trauma of surgery. The treatment is quick and efficient, and built-in safety sensors ensure that your skin will not get too cold during treatment. After this safe and effective procedure, you can immediately return to your daily activities and watch in anticipation as your body flushes away the destroyed fat cells over the following weeks.

Effective Fat Removal

Fat removal and weight loss are not the same thing. Most so-called “fat removal” methods are about losing weight rather than removing fat. The number of fat cells in your body becomes fixed sometime during adolescence, which means that when you gain weight as an adult, your existing fat cells increase in size, not in number. Therefore, without the advanced technology of CoolSculpting®, you would retain the same amount of fat despite even your best efforts to lose it. This is why Dr. Bitter offers CoolSculpting®: it can eliminate get rid of fat cells. CoolSculpting® freezes fat cells so that they are completely destroyed and eliminated from the body.

CoolSculpting® vs. Liposuction

CoolSculpting® and liposuction both improve body contour by removing excess fat, so what’s the difference between them? Let Dr. Bitter assure you that the differences are profound:

  • Non-invasive
  • Risks are minor and temporary
  • Subtle and natural-looking results
  • DualSculpting facilitates a shorter procedure (approximately one hour)
  • No chance of scarring
  • No downtime
  • Results come gradually over time as the body flushes away the destroyed fat cells
  • May require multiple treatments
  • Surgical treatment with anesthesia
  • Increase risks due to invasive techniques
  • Dramatic results are possible with larger sections of fat removal
  • Procedure may last several hours
  • Small incisions leave minor chance of scarring
  • Requires up to two weeks of downtime or recovery
  • Results are immediately noticeable
  • Often requires only one treatment


CoolSculpting® is impressive enough on its own, but now that we have two CoolSculpting® machines in our office, Dr. Bitter is excited to offer the latest technology and procedure available to his patients: CoolSculpting®’s new Cool Advantage DualSculpting!

With DualSculpting, you can undergo two CoolSculpting® treatments at the same time and achieve your desired results in half the time! For instance, you can treat both “love handles” simultaneously instead of doing one side at a time. DualSculpting cuts the treatment time in half so that you can have a more flexible schedule and a more convenient treatment. Dr. Bitter is pleased to offer DualSculpting to make body contouring even faster and easier for you.


  • Q. Who is an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting®?

    A: Almost anyone can undergo CoolSculpting® to help rid themselves of noticeable bumps, bulges, or pockets of unwanted fat. Ideal candidates are within 30 pounds of their goal weight, but those who are are more than 30 pounds overweight can also benefit from this revolutionary procedure with more treatments. The CoolSculpting® procedure is best performed on individuals who already have a healthy lifestyle and who don’t want or don’t need liposuction. We will help you determine whether CoolSculpting® is right for you during your one-on-one consultation.

  • Q. How does freezing the fat cells permanently eliminate them?

    A: During the CoolSculpting® procedure, the targeted fat cells are frozen, causing them to gradually die while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. Over the next few weeks, these dead fat cells are removed through the body’s natural elimination process. Unlike dieting and exercising that only reduces the size of the fat cells, CoolSculpting® actually reduces the number of fat cells in the treated areas by approximately 20 to 25 percent! Once these fat cells are gone, they are gone forever!

  • Q. How long does each CoolSculpting® treatment take?

    A. Dr. Bitter offers CoolSculpting®’s latest technology, the new CoolAdvantage™, which cuts the treatment time in half! With this new technology, treatments now only take 35 minutes to complete. Plus, because Dr. Bitter offers Dual Sculpting, multiple areas can be treated at the same time!

  • Q. What does CoolSculpting® feel like? Is it painful?

    A. CoolSculpting® is a pain-free experience. The greatest sensation with CoolSculpting® is a feeling of coldness. Initially, the cold may be intense, but the area becomes numb within a few minutes. You may also experience sensations of pulling, tugging, tingling, and slight pinching, which dissipate as numbness from the cold steals over the area for the rest of the treatment.

  • Q. Are there any side effects of CoolSculpting®?

    A. Most patients have no side effects and can return right away to their activities. Some patients experience redness, tingling, numbness, swelling, and minor bruising, but these side effects are temporary.

  • Q. How much does CoolSculpting® cost?

    A. Because every CoolSculpting® treatment is customized for the patient, the cost of your CoolSculpting® treatment depends on your needs. You will receive a personal evaluation during your consultation and determine the total price for your procedure.

  • Q. How long does it take to see the results?

    A. Results can be observed beginning as early as three weeks after treatment and continue to improve for up to six months. Additional CoolSculpting® treatments can be performed if more fat reduction is desired after three months.

  • Q. Will permanent fat removal prevent me from gaining weight in the future?

    A. CoolSculpting® permanently eliminates fat cells from the body, but it cannot prevent the remaining fat cells from growing should you gain weight in the future. Most patients are highly motivated to avoid weight gain once they see the quality of their CoolSculpting® results and their improved body contour. Dr. Bitter recommends that you adopt a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a nutritious, lean diet to ensure that you retain your results long-term.

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