Dr. Bitter’s Master the Sciton BBL & BBL HERO Preceptorship in 2023

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We want to share with our Sciton Family of users our experience with REPEAT MD at Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology

Dr. Bitter shares his thoughts on Master the Sciton BBL and BBL HERO Preceptorship in 2022:

I wanted to give you a review of our recent in person BBL Advanced Training Course And in-person private office training Friday, April 29, 2022 . Both events were the first we have been able to do since the onset of the pandemic. The in person training was a day long event with 26 participants from all over the US. It was a resounding success. I covered in detail topics on BBL, HERO, MOXI, Halo and BBL Combination treatments. Attendees learned the latest settings and techniques with BBL and BBL HERO and how I combine both technologies as well as how I use Moxi and Moxi/BBL combination treatments and HALO. The demonstration portion was particularly valuable for attendees because I demonstrated multiple procedures with BBL, HERO Face and Body and BBL SkinTyte on several attendee volunteers. I demonstrated treatment of skin type five with BBL HERO. All in all it was an extraordinary day of learning where attendees had all of their questions answered and learned special techniques and applications that could only be taught and demonstrated through the in person course and would not be available to them anywhere else. The day was high energy and full of information. We received great feedback from attendees.

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We are thrilled to announce:

Sciton’s World Famous Event Is Going Live Again In 2022! Join Us At Our First Stop In Dallas, Texas!

that Dr. Bitter will be the featured speaker at Sciton’s 2022 Live “Unleash the Power of Beautiful Skin” Tour. Dr. Bitter is widely regarded as the world expert on treating skin with light. He has successfully trained over 10,000 physicians and Sciton Providers on BBL and BBL HERO to Master their BBL and achieve smoother, clearer, healthier younger looking skin.

Dr. Bitter

Learn to Unleash the Power of Beautiful Skin with Dr. Bitter at these upcoming SCITON Rockstar of Aesthetics events:

Sciton’s world famous event is going live again in 2022! Join us at our first stop in dallas, texas!

About this event

The Rockstar Experience: Unleash the Power of Beautiful Skin

Don’t miss The Rockstar Experience by Sciton, stopping in several cities this year. Join our acclaimed thought leaders and industry partners LIVE and in-person! This incredible 2-day event full of cutting-edge clinical applications, advanced treatment techniques, and hot new industry trends will have you unleashing the power of beautiful skin in 2022 and beyond. Visit Sciton’s Event’s PageEvents Calendar – Sciton for details as additional cities become released.

  • Advances in Laser & Light Technologies
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Live Treatment Demonstrations

Topics: Events Calendar – Sciton

Sciton Live Tour – The Rockstar Experience (Dallas, TX)

Date and time

Sat, Feb 26, 2022, 8:00 AM –

Sun, Feb 27, 2022, 3:00 PM CST

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Sciton Live Tour – The Rockstar Experience (Dallas, TX)

Sciton Live Tour – The Rockstar Experience (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Sat, Mar 19, 2022, 8:00 AM –

Sun, Mar 20, 2022, 3:00 PM EDT

Location: The Diplomat Beach Resort Hollywood, Curio Collection by Hilton 3555 South Ocean Drive Hollywood, FL 33019


Event Details:
SAT. OCT. 16, 9 AM – 5:00 PM

Dr. Patrick Bitter, Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology,
16400 Lark Ave., Suite 300, Los Gatos, CA 95032

Office Phone:

Topics Included:

  • BBL HERO ®
  • MOXI ™



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Preceptorship with Patrick Bitter, Jr., MD (Los Gatos, CA)

Preceptorship Group

Broad Band Light and Forever Young BBL Training

master bbl course patrick bitter

Dr. Patrick Bitter has successfully trained over 8,000 Sciton professionals!

Dr. Bitter is widely regarded as a leading expert on treating skin with light. No one knows more about your Sciton Laser and how to use all its modalities than Dr. Bitter. He is truly a thought leader in the aesthetics laser training industry.

About Sciton Aesthetic Lasers 

Dr. Bitter has been teaching Sciton owners and medical professionals how to master their technology since the introduction of the Sciton Laser, BBL TableTop and Joule. Dr. Bitter has personally trained over 8,000 Sicton owners on how to maximize the use of Broad Band Light (BBL).

Dr. Bitter

Dr. Bitter loves using his Sciton. He loves teaching and is dedicated to bringing the message of Skin rejuvenation to everyone who wants to benefit from his teachings. 

In recognition of his talents, Dr. Bitter is frequently invited to travel with Sciton all around the world. He trains the world’s leading physicians on how to master BBL and drastically increase their profits.

In fact, after Dr. Bitter’s effective training, many practitioners are so successful they purchase another Sciton Joule!

Discover more of Dr. Bitter’s amazing work by reading our blog

Before and After Photos

Why Does Dr. Bitter Choose Sciton?

Dr. Bitter has been using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and BBL lasers since they were first developed over 20 years ago. He has experience with, and access to, the top lasers in the industry. Dr. Bitter chooses Sciton Joule because he believes it provides the most advanced treatment available for skin rejuvenation.

Sciton BBL is the most popular aesthetic light device. Dr. Bitter’s speaking, lecturing and teaching have contributed to the popularity of the Sciton Laser.

He is the dermatologist who originated and completed the landmark study that BBL can actually change the genetic expression of skin cells, turning off older acting skin cells and turning on younger, active skin cells. [1] All the treatments and research for Sciton’s genetic expression study were conducted at Dr. Bitter’s dermatology practice in Los Gatos, California.

Dr. Bitter is a World-Class Teacher

Dr. Bitter is a Board Certified Dermatologist and graduate of Stanford Medical University. He is the one who developed the protocols for the Forever Young BBL (FYBBL) treatments. Dr. Bitter is the dermatologist called upon by Sciton to train physicians via his Sciton Preceptorships.

Dr. Bitter is a Sciton KOL (Key Opinion Leader). Dr. Bitter has been a Sciton KOL and trusted dermatologist advisor to Sciton for many years.

That’s because Sciton trusts Dr. Bitter’s years of experience and deep knowledge of Sciton’s Broad Band Light system. He is intensely interested in IPL’s ability to rejuvenate skin. He was the first in the world to develop the Fotofacial™ procedure – Dr. Bitter is so visionary, he even trademarked the technique. 

Sciton’s Key Opinion Leader (KOL)

Sciton has entrusted Dr. Bitter with developing and teaching the most advanced and comprehensive clinical preceptorship in the aesthetic laser industry. Dr. Bitter is a KOL and has helped Sciton perfect their technology via years of high-level meetings, open only to authorized physicians.

Dr. Bitter has also provided training to Sciton’s clinical team and sales reps. Sciton trusts Dr. Bitter to train their team. Wouldn’t you want Dr. Bitter to train your team?

He is the dermatologist who originated and completed the landmark study that BBL can actually change the genetic expression of skin cells, turning off older acting skin cells and turning on younger, active skin cells.[1] All the treatments and research for Sciton’s genetic expression study were conducted at Dr. Bitter’s dermatology practice in Los Gatos, California.

Business and Marketing Advice

Dr. Bitter has been advising physicians and medical spa owners for over 20 years. He regularly advises physicians on industry standards and best practices. Like most, we are a physician-owned practice with only a few part-time medical professionals on staff. But our practice is extremely profitable. In Dr. Bitters’ office, for instance, we have over 15 lasers!

Consider Dr. Bitter’s courses if you would like to learn how we how we achieve continued excellence.

What Do Dr. Bitter’s Preceptorships Cost in Southern California?

Dr. Bitter offers a variety of training options with Sciton points. Most importantly, your practice will quickly recoup the costs of your Sciton laser. We made $260,000 in revenue in ten weeks with a Sciton Laser. Curious how we did it? Train with the most respected Sciton laser expert, Dr. Bitter!

Benefits of Dr. Bitter’s Training

  • Exclusive access to Dr. Bitter’s consultation tips
  • Exclusive training manual, with Dr. Bitter’s advanced treatment protocols and settings
  • Exclusive Dr. Bitter signed Sciton Certificate of Completion
  • Exclusive opportunity for social media photos
  • Exclusive opportunity to be the first to enroll in Dr. Bitter’s Master Injection courses
  • Learn BBL for Pigment, BBL for Correction, FYBBL (Forever Young BBL), Halo Laser, HaloPro, SkinTyte, Forever Clear Acne Protocol and more!


Can I get marketing and business advice from Dr. Bitter? I would like to learn to treat patients and grow my business like Dr. Bitter.

Yes! Dr. Bitter regularly advises non-dermatologists on how to manage and grow their aesthetic practice. Dr. Bitter is the only Sciton BBL Trainer with 30 years of experience as a board-certified dermatologist and over 20 years of experience training physicians. In his trainings, Dr. Bitter shares everything he uses to grow his practice, including choice of lasers (we have 15!), photography, how to hire and retain great staff, how to create a trusted brand in your community, recommended protective eyewear, skincare, medical supplies, software tools, ways to maximize profits and much more.

What is included with each course? 

Each course includes over 20 hours of video with more being added all the time. 


  1. Bitter, P. (2020). Broad Band Light and Skin Rejuvenation. Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America, 28(1), 29–36. doi: 10.1016/j.fsc.2019.09.014