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Hair Services for Men los gatos

Hair is an important part of our self-image. It can signify our confidence and rugged individuality. We’re proud to keep ourselves well-groomed, and appreciate the need for good hair maintenance. It’s only natural to want to look our best at every opportunity. So, for men who experience hair loss, and for men that want to remove hair from places it is not wanted, luckily, there are treatment options available.

Androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, affects 30-50% of men before the age of 50.(1) Nowadays, advances in technology mean hair restoration procedures are commonplace. But there are also dietary supplements, such as Nutrafol, for men who want to keep their hair looking thick and healthy. In contrast, there may be some areas of hair that just don’t work aesthetically, and even some areas that cause irritation. Ingrown neck hairs and inflamed follicles not only look unsightly, but can also be itchy and irritating. Additionally, a condition known as hypertrichosis can affect some men, causing hair to grow excessively in areas such as the back and the chest. These conditions can be alleviated with laser hair removal services from a male aesthetics specialist.

Dr. Patrick Bitter provides premium aesthetic hair services for men at his Los Gatos location. As a board-certified dermatologist, he excels with a wide variety of cosmetic procedures, and welcomes his patients to discuss their aspirations for healthier skin and hair. To speak with him about your hair at a private consultation, please call (408) 358-5757 or fill out a simple inquiry form with your request on our website. Our staff will get back to you at their earliest convenience.

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The Trouble with Thinning Hair

A full head of hair has long been a beauty ideal that most men aspire to maintain. Distress resulting from thinning hair is significant, with studies indicating that many men feel older, less attractive, and fearful they will not find a partner due to hair loss.(2) 

The Hair Cycle

Androgenetic alopecia is incredibly common, affecting 50 million men in the United States alone.(3) It occurs due to changes in the way each follicle produces hair. Our hair goes through a three-phase cycle of growth, and a final phase of shedding.

  • Anagen (Growing) Phase The hair follicle has blood supply which provides nutrients for growth. This phase lasts between 2-6 years.
  • Catagen (Transition) Phase – The follicle detaches from its blood supply and the hair prepares to shed. This phase lasts 1-2 weeks.
  • Telogen (Resting) Phase – The hair dies as it is no-longer supplied with nutrients. This phase lasts 3-5 months.
  • Exogen (Shedding) Phase – Hair completely detaches from the body, and a new anagen phase begins.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair Services for Men los gatos

Factors that contribute to hair loss include genetic components, but many patients do not realize that increasingly busier schedules, dietary choices, and “burning the candle at both ends” can also affect our hair. Hormones, stress, and lifestyle can have a significant effect on our outward appearance, not least on our hair. And, environmental factors can cause oxidative stress, which can result in a disruption in the hair cycle. So, the demand for products that help us to support our body’s natural processes is high. Dermatologists and other medical professionals are in a unique position, in that they can provide expert insight and guidance. This enables them to recommend products that can make a real difference in the lives of men who wish to improve their appearance, promoting healthier hair and increased self-confidence.

Nutrafol Men: Hair Growth Supplement

Nutrafol Men is a once-a-day supplement that provides essential nutrients to hair from within. Scientists developed its patented Synergen Complex as a result of their own experience with thinning hair. Designed with convenience in mind, the 120 capsule bottle provides key ingredients that promote fuller, thicker, scalp coverage with healthier, stronger hair. Additionally, this hair growth supplement can even encourage hair to grow faster!

What’s in Nutrafol Men Hair Growth Supplement?

Hair Services for Men los gatos

Nutrafol Men contains a number of crucial natural ingredients for healthy hair growth. Its unique Synergen Complex is a blend of the following:

Sensoril Ashwagandha – Helps balance stress hormones, supports healthy hair growth cycle

Saw Palmetto – Helps reduce DHT (a key hair loss hormone), supports hair health 

Tocotrienol Complex – Concentrated vitamin E complex, facilitates hair growth

Marine Collagen Peptides – Improves collagen bioactivity, support healthy hair and skin

Circumin – Powerful antioxidant, supports cellular response to hair growth

Other Key Nutrafol Men Ingredients

Resveratrol – Antioxidant that fights factors that contribute to oxidative stress 

Horsetail – Natural source of the mineral silica, which promotes hair health

Keratin – Key protein in the structure of hair, supports damaged skin, hair, and nails

Supporting Ingredients

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Biotin
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Cysteine
  • Lysine
  • Methionine
  • Black pepper
  • Capsicum

Recommended Usage

Take four Nutrafol Men capsules daily with a meal and see visible results in just 3-6 months!

Laser Treatment for Excess Hair

While some hair is worth maintaining, hair in other areas of the body can be problematic for many men. Modern men remove ​​back, buttock and pubic hair regularly and their main goal in these efforts is to maintain or improve their appearance.(4) Commonly, men may seek to address excess hair in areas such as the back and chest that can contribute to an unkempt appearance and embarrassment.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Dr. Bitter performs precise laser hair removal procedures in areas of unwanted hair. By focusing targeted laser energy into the target area, the molecule responsible for pigmentation, melanin, absorbs and diffuses into individual follicles. This can result in immediate hair loss in the majority of cases, with residual shedding occurring in the following weeks. Hair is sensitive to laser treatment during the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle.(5) So, Dr. Bitter advises patients to undergo a scheduled course of treatments over a period of months for the best results.

Candidates for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a versatile treatment available to a wide range of candidates. Men with excess hair, particularly those with a diagnosis of hypertrichosis, and those with thick, dark hair and paler skin, may benefit greatly from a series of procedures. You may not be able to get laser hair removal in the following circumstances.

Hair Services for Men los gatos
  • If you are taking acne medications (e.g. Retin A, Isotretinoin)
  • If you are prone to cold sores or have genital herpes (HSV-2)
  • If you have raised keloid scars in the area you wish to treat
  • If you have, or have had, any form of skin cancer

To find out if you’re a suitable candidate for laser hair removal, contact us at (408) 358-5757 to book your personal consultation with male aesthetics and hair health expert Dr. Bitter.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

A laser hair removal treatment is simple, safe, and effective! Our laser technician will begin the procedure by cleaning the area and ensuring it is free from excess oil and debris. They will ensure you’re sitting comfortably, and provide eye protection for you to wear for the duration of the session. They will then place the laser handpiece perpendicular to the skin, pressing it down into the tissue for enhanced access to the hair follicles. They will repeat this process until every part of the area has been treated. The duration of your treatment depends on the amount of hair you wish to remove, and the area of the body to be treated. Smaller areas can take as little as 20 minutes!

Personal Consultation

Dr. Bitter meets with every patient to discuss their specific aesthetic requirements. If you’re looking for hair treatment, whether it’s to find out about the benefits of hair health supplements, or to inquire about laser hair removal, he will be happy to answer your questions. Once you have discussed your desired goals, he will recommend the service that will best suit your circumstances.

Cost of Male Hair Services in Los Gatos, CA

The cost of your hair consultation and services will depend on your specific needs, and will therefore vary according to the individual. Dr. Bitter will inform you of costs at your personal consultation.

If you are interested in learning more about cosmetic dermatology services for men, read up on the latest news by visiting Dr. Bitter’s blog.


Can I buy vitamin supplements to help with my hair loss?

Yes! A wide variety of vitamins and supplements can help restore hair health and encourage new growth. Physician-approved supplements such as Nutrafol Men contain ingredients that support stronger, thicker hair growth.

Which dietary supplements are good for maintaining healthy hair?

Naturally beneficial ingredients such as ashwagandha and antioxidants aid the body in hair growth regulation and support. For expert advice, speak to a medical professional for product recommendations.

What is hypertrichosis?

Hypertrichosis is a condition that causes excessive hair growth in certain areas of the body. Though it is believed to have genetic and hormonal components, its exact cause is unknown.


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