Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Services for Men

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Non-surgical anti-aging services are cosmetic treatments and procedures specifically geared towards correcting blemishes on male skin. As men age, our skin picks up wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven tone and texture along the way. These blemishes largely go untreated. Some men may adopt a proper skincare regimen, but the majority of men? In the past, such a small number of men underwent cosmetic treatments that these products and services were directed predominantly towards women. But that trend is gradually shifting. One study found that between 1997 and 2015 cosmetic procedures performed on men increased by 273%.[1] Now, with the latest advancements in skin-safe technology, men all over the world are seeing clearer, brighter skin after simple in-office procedures.

With our collection of male-focused procedures, we have helped thousands of men from all walks of life look and feel their best. To schedule your consultation at our Los Gatos offices, please fill out this convenient online form. If you’d like to reach us directly, please call (408) 358-5757.

The Male Aesthetic

While small, there are noticeable differences between male and female skin that change our dermatological approach. For instance, male skin is thicker, hairier, sweatier, more vascular, and slower to heal.[2] To treat male facial skin, we need to use special lasers and lights that don’t disrupt hair follicles. In addition, one key issue that keeps men from the cosmetic chair is the risk of redness and visible side effects. After a cosmetic procedure, women often mask their visible side effects with a basic foundation – a comfort most men don’t have. But now, the latest advancements in controlled lasers and skin-safe technologies have allowed us to treat male skin more effectively – with enhanced results and minimized risk of side effects. So, men can feel and look rejuvenated, without that “had work done” look

Benefits of The Non-Surgical Approach

There are many courses of action for male facial rejuvenation. Every cream, serum, lotion, and oil hints at being the fountain of youth. Every complex facial surgery promises to make you look ten years younger. But these procedures often leave patients house-bound for weeks, left to focus on recovery. However, with our collection of simple, non-surgical treatments, patients leave our offices under their own power. Recovery time is minimal, so our patients fit these procedures seamlessly into their busy schedules. In fact, some even plan them over their lunch breaks. Schedule a consultation today!

Solutions For Wrinkles

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Wrinkles are a natural sign of aging. Though they seemingly creep up on us overnight, wrinkles and fine lines have been in the making since your 20s – when collagen production starts its descent. Our body naturally produces collagen: a fibrous, tensile protein that tethers to the top and bottom of our dermis. These fibers make the scaffolding for our skin’s internal structure. When we’re young, these fibers keep our skin wrinkle-free. But over time these fibers break down, losing their elasticity. So, skin loses its tightness and wrinkles form. While some wrinkles may make a man appear mature and rugged, too many may age a person dramatically. To treat wrinkles discreetly, we offer three simple injectables that provide lasting results. 


In addition to collagen, our body uses hyaluronic acid to keep our skin youthful. While this moisture-absorbing molecule plays roles in other areas like our joints and eyes, 50% of our body’s supply of hyaluronic acid is in our skin.[3] These water-binding molecules attach to the water molecules in our skin to keep its internal structures hydrated. This process helps keep our complexion naturally hydrated and moisturized. But, much like with collagen, our hyaluronic acid supply dwindles with age, exacerbating the aesthetic signs of aging. 

The Juvéderm line of fillers uses this molecule as its active ingredient. With differing degrees of viscosity, certain Juvéderm products are designed to target specific areas. For instance, Vollure XC addresses moderate to severe wrinkles like nasal folds, while Voluma XC is designed for volume loss in the cheeks. Juvéderm is injected into the dermis, where the hyaluronic acid molecules add instant volume. Because of its gel form, the filler plumps out tissue and smooths wrinkles from the inside. Also, the hyaluronic acid molecules increase water absorption in the treated areas. So, collagen fibers stay better hydrated, and results last longer. Over the next 12-18 months, the Juvéderm solution gradually breaks down and absorbs into the body. Patients typically undergo a yearly 20-minute Juvéderm session to maintain their results. 


Another popular, discreet treatment for wrinkles is Botox. Because it’s a household name, you may already have heard of it, but have you ever thought about how it works? Unlike Juvéderm, Botox is injected into the underlying facial muscle. Its active ingredient is a neuromodulator called Botulinum toxin type A. This neuromodulator disrupts the connection between the muscle and the central nervous system, causing the muscle to freeze. The muscle relaxes completely, releasing any overlying wrinkles or fine lines. After a Botox treatment, patients’ current wrinkles smooth away, and future wrinkles are preemptively hindered. 


For remarkable results that gradually appear, patients choose Sculptra. Sculptra uses poly-L-lactic acid, a biodegradable substance that triggers collagen production in fibroblast cells.[4] Unlike Juvéderm, Sculptra inspires results that continually improve over time. As the Sculptra solution inspires more collagen production, your skin regains its youthful smoothness. Fine lines and wrinkles fade over the next 18 months to 2 years.[5]

Laser & Light Procedures

Aged skin is commonly uneven in tone and texture. Whether from overexposure to the sun or acne scarring, our skin can exhibit hundreds of blemishes that make us look older. With skin-safe laser and light devices, Dr. Bitter can address all of these conditions during one, simple procedure. These laser and light devices use different wavelengths of thermal energy to trigger a natural wound-healing response or activate fibroblast cells in the body. Both of these processes reinvigorate collagen production, restore skin elasticity, and replace dead or damaged cells. During your consultation, Dr. Bitter will assist in discerning which treatment option is right for you. 

Moxie Laser

The Moxie Laser is a non-ablative, fractional laser that is safe for all skin types. For men concerned about their stubble, this laser is specifically designed to leave follicular bulbs undamaged. So, beards and goatees stay intact. Unlike cosmetic injections, the Moxie Laser uses the body’s natural properties to induce rejuvenation. The device’s thermal energy creates dermal injuries that trigger a wound-healing response. Damaged or discolored skin cells are repaired or replaced and patients see a clearer, smoother complexion after only a 20-minute session. Moxie Laser is strong enough to tackle deep wrinkles and gentle enough to wipe away sunspots and skin discoloration. 

FotoFacial Age Delay

With its broadband light technology, the FotoFacial Age Delay device emits multiple wavelengths that are precisely calibrated to target melanin and red blood cells. Once inside the skin, the light generates a thermal effect that destroys these pigment-producing cells. Next, this process triggers a wound-healing response that generates new skin cells. After a couple of days, the treated spots flake and can eventually be scraped off. When the FotoFacial recovery process is complete, fresh, unblemished skin is finally revealed.

Hair Loss

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Along with wrinkles and uneven complexions, most men agree that hair loss is a common sign of aging. But with around 80% of men experiencing hair loss,[6] it’s more than just common – it’s expected. To help men of all ages with thinning hair or balding, we offer Nutrafol. Nutrafol is a brand of naturally derived therapeutics. Nutrafol For Men and Hairbiotic are two well-researched products that facilitate better, stronger hair growth. Ask about these products during your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Bitter..

Personal Consultation

If you are interested in seeing how one of these solutions can improve your appearance, schedule a consultation today. During this session, we’ll discuss your desired results, schedule, and expectations for possible downtime. Our team will construct a personalized treatment plan to achieve your ideal aesthetic that fits seamlessly into your schedule. 

How Much Do Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Services Cost in Los Gatos?

During this consultation, we will also discuss the unique cost of your treatment. Since every patient has specific needs, we will calculate the cost after creating your treatment plan. To stay up-to-date on all the latest in advanced aesthetic dermatology, visit our blog. Please call us directly at (408) 358-5757 for more information about our tailored non-surgical anti-aging services.


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