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jowls concerns

Jowls are the fleshy, hanging tissue that sags along the lower jaw. Gravity and aging cause skin laxity that leads to the gradual sinking of facial tissues.

As the cheeks sag, jowls form, and the jawline becomes poorly defined. Without definition and shape, the face looks old and worn.

Recommended Treatments

Dr. Bitter recommends select treatments for jowls. Injectable fillers can enhance cheek volume and recontour the mid-face region to create a lifted appearance that erases minor jowls. SkinTyte II™ heats the tissues to stimulate collagen formation and improve skin firmness, health, and laxity so that the lower facial skin no longer sags. The Y LIFT®, sometimes called the “30 Minute Miracle Facelift,” provides structural volumizing to enhance cheek volume and facial contours for a more youthful face shape.

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