Scar Treatments

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scar treatments

Scars are an unfortunate side effect of life.

However, you shouldn’t have to live with unsightly scars that mar your otherwise clear, beautiful complexion. Dr. Bitter has a variety of lasers available that can effectively improve the appearance of scars.

Scars are caused by an overproduction or underproduction of collagen during the healing process. The ProFractional™ laser breaks down the existing collagen and stimulates the production new collagen. The new collagen helps to heal existing wounds more evenly, improving their appearance.

Benefits of Laser Scar Treatments

Reduces Scar Visibility

Scars can develop and take on a number of appearances. Some scars are more raised and fleshy while others are thinner and long. They also occur in a wide variety of colors ranging from white to pink, red, and purple. Laser scar treatments will help ameliorate the appearance of a scar, reducing its visibility.

Improves the Appearance of Your Skin

Laser scar treatments can help smooth your skin’s complexion and create a more even skin tone

By reducing the visibility of scars, you can gain a noticeable improvement in your complexion. For many people, scars can be the source of extreme anxiety, especially when they occur in highly visible areas, such as the face, and it can be difficult to hide certain scars using clothing or makeup.

Increases Your Confidence

When your skin doesn’t appear as bright and healthy as it should, you can begin to feel uncomfortable in your body. By restoring your clear complexion, you can once again feel secure and confident with your appearance. Increased confidence and self-esteem often positively impacts other aspects of your life because you are happier and more outgoing.

Scar Types

Keloid Scars

  • Usually result from an overproduction of collagen during the healing process
  • Raised scarring extends beyond the original injury
  • Poorly positioned keloid scars can lead to a loss of mobility
  • More common in people with darker skin tones

Contracture Scars

  • Usually result from burns
  • Causes tightening of the skin
  • May impair mobility
  • Deep contracture scars can affect muscles and nerves

Hypertrophic Scars

  • Usually result from an overproduction of collagen during the healing process
  • Appear as red and raised
  • Similar to keloid scars but do not extend beyond the original injury

Acne Scars

  • The result of moderate to severe acne
  • Result from an overproduction or underproduction of collagen during the healing process
  • Can appear as deep pits or have an angular/wavelike appearance


What type of scars can laser scar treatment treat?

Laser treatment can effectively improve the appearance of nearly all scars, regardless of the type of scar or how old it is. The ProFractional™ laser from Sciton™ is just one of many tools that Dr. Bitter has available to treat scars, these treatments have been proven to improve nearly all scars no matter what age. For most scars, the sooner they are treated, the faster they will disappear, and the better the results will be. Sciton®’s innovative BroadBand Light (BBL™) laser can effectively treat scars, especially cosmetic surgery scars, in as few as two weeks after surgery and can improve the appearance of a scar in a little as one week.

Is there anything I can do to help improve the appearance of my scars in conjunction with laser treatments?

Many patients choose to utilize other remedies in tandem with laser treatments to improve the appearance of their scars, including:
° Over-the-counter or prescription creams, ointments, or gels
° Pressure garments silicone gel sheets
° Injection of steroids or collagen
° Cryotherapy

What options are available if laser treatments don’t improve my scars to the extent I desire?

Laser treatments can provide significant improvement to many scars. However, large and deep scars may require surgical correction to improve their appearance. Surgical removal of scars involves the excision of the scar tissue and realignment of healthy tissue for more even healing. This is common with burn patients who require skin grafts. Dr. Bitter may also use a combination of fillers to reduce the appearance of scars.

What are the benefits of laser scar treatments over other scar treatments?

° Increased comfort
° Shorter recovery periods
° Customized results
° Consistent results

Will one laser treatment provide me with the results I desire?

One treatment may improve the appearance of small, light-colored scars. However, most scars will require multiple treatments to achieve outstanding results. To achieve the best results possible, you will typically need between two and four treatments, spaced three to six weeks apart.

How will my skin feel during recovery?

You will likely experience some mild redness that resembles a sunburn, which will last for about three days. Most patients can begin applying makeup to the treated area after two days.

How can I help improve the quality of my results following my laser scar treatment?

You should keep the area moisturized with skincare products Dr. Bitter recommends. You should also avoid direct sun exposure for at least four weeks after treatment.

How does BroadBand Light (BBL™) affect the treatment of scars?

Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., M.D. is internationally renowned as the innovator of skin rejuvenation with light, and he has pioneered the use of Sciton®’s BroadBand Light (BBL), HALO, MLP, Profractional, Fractora, technologies for the treatment of scars. BBL is even effective for treating scars that are years old, and some scars require the use of lasers in combination with BBL. There is something unique to the way BBL™ and the fractionated erbium: YAG laser from Sciton interact with the skin and wounded skin that stimulates the natural healing process in a way faster and better than nature can itself. Dr. Bitter’s experience with BBL includes over 30,000 patient treatments, and he treats virtually every surgical scar with BBL.