Restylane Silk

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Not everyone is blessed with naturally plump, full lips.

However, with the right lip filler, the proper technique, and the skillful touch and expertise of board-certified dermatologist Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., anyone can have full, beautiful lips.

Dr. Bitter is an expert at lip augmentation and has performed close to 3,000 treatments. He has developed his own technique for giving patients the best results with the artful use of fillers such as Restylane® Silk. Lip augmentation with Dr. Bitter can enhance your lips or improve the results of poorly done lip augmentation to make your lips appear naturally beautiful and luscious.


The tissue of the lips is different from the rest of the facial skin and is regularly stressed as you speak, eat, drink, laugh, smile, and make other facial expressions. The lips also tend to dry out easily, and they become thinner and less shapely as the muscles around the mouth weaken and flatten with age. To reverse these effects and enhance the lips with natural-looking results, Dr. Bitter performs lip augmentation using Restylane Silk. Restylane Silk is a facial filler made of a silky smooth hyaluronic acid formula that enhances skin fullness and hydration.

What Restylane Silk Can Do

  • Enhance lip shape
  • Enhance lip volume
  • Enhance lip size
  • Treat thinning lips
  • Treat the fine, vertical lines around the lips
  • Eliminate lip wrinkles
  • Produce subtle, natural-looking results
  • Create silkier, smoother lips


Treatment with Restylane Silk is a short in-office procedure with no downtime or recovery period. Dr. Bitter will carefully and strategically inject Restylane Silk as needed to improve the shape and volume of your lips. Dr. Bitter’s refined techniques using Restylane Silk can increase lip fullness and volume, enhance lip shape, smooth lip wrinkles, enhance lip size, and even treat the fine, vertical lines around the lips.


After your lip augmentation treatment, you will be able to resume your normal daily activities. Some patients experience side effects such as swelling, bruising, redness, tenderness, or pain, all of which are typically mild and last fewer than 14 days.

Visible improvements can be observed within two weeks, and your lips will look refined and alluring yet subtle and natural.

Dr. Bitter uses a high level of artistry in lip augmentation for the most precise lip shaping and definition, and with his techniques, he can create naturally beautiful, plump, and sensual lips. For the best long-term results, Dr. Bitter can augment your lips with Restylane Silk every six months or as needed.

You can have beautiful lips through lip augmentation with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., Specializing in anti-aging and age-delaying treatments, Dr. Bitter is pleased to help his patients rejuvenate their appearance and reach their aesthetic goals. Schedule your personal consultation for lip augmentation with Dr. Bitter today by calling (408) 358-5757 or filling out our online contact form.