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CoolTone™ is the latest FDA-cleared body contouring device introduced by Allergan®, the international leader in medical aesthetics.

As a part of the CoolSculpting family, CoolTone is designed to build muscle mass in specific areas using advanced non-invasive technology and quickly deliver attractive results.

Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Patrick Bitter is a premier CoolTone provider in the San Francisco Bay Area. He performs this non-surgical treatment to give patients optimal, all-natural definition results. At your initial consultation, Dr. Bitter will evaluate your needs to determine the ideal course of action that will help you reach your aesthetic goals.


It may take multiple CoolTone appointments to get the desired outcome.

Dr. Bitter or one of his highly experienced and aptly trained staff or registered nurses will perform your CoolTone treatment in the office. Anesthesia or sedation is not necessary for this procedure. The applicator is placed on the designated area, and the magnetic energy is delivered, causing the muscles to contract. There is no downtime after this treatment, so you can go back to work and all other activities except exercises that pinpoint the region treated by CoolTone.


CoolTone penetrates the deeper layers of the muscles using magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) technology. The targeted muscles then contract involuntarily, prompting the building of muscle mass.

Treatment Areas

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs


After CoolTone treatment, the body needs time to respond to the contractions and build newer, stronger muscle fibers. Some soreness can be expected initially, but this side effect fades quickly.


Within several weeks of a CoolTone session, the treated area should appear more defined and toned. Patients who qualify may undergo a secondary treatment to achieve their cosmetic objectives.

Benefits of CoolTone

Non-invasive Body Contouring

CoolTone is a non-invasive contouring solution that helps patients build targeted muscle mass. You can resume your daily routine after treatment, although it may be recommended to avoid exercising the treated area temporarily.

Superior Muscle Stimulation

This innovative device utilizes magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to penetrate the muscle and promote specific contractions. CoolTone delivers stronger magnetic energy than its competitors, producing a superior result.

Comprehensive Improvement

Because CoolTone can fortify various areas, patients can expect enhanced and complete improvement where it is needed most. Results begin to appear as the muscle fibers become stronger in the weeks following a CoolTone session.

Why Dr. Bitter

Dr. Bitter understands the importance of employing only the latest in aesthetic devices to give patients the safest and most satisfying experience.

As the developer of the groundbreaking FotoFacial® treatment, Dr. Bitter continues to utilize technologies of the highest quality to ensure his patients achieve their cosmetic goals.

At Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology, we are proud to offer CoolTone, a treatment designed to deliver stunning results for patients who seek natural muscle enhancement that lasts.

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Patrick Bitter at our Los Gatos or our Santa Monica location, please call (408) 358-5757 or fill out our online contact form today. As a board-certified and acclaimed dermatologist at Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology, Dr. Bitter takes the time to help his patients rejuvenate their appearance and achieve the aesthetic results they desire.


Who is an ideal candidate for CoolTone?

CoolTone is appropriate for nearly all patients who desire stronger and more defined muscles in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks area. Ideally, candidates for CoolTone should be at or near their goal weight to obtain optimal contouring results. Those who suffer from certain conditions or who have metal or electronic implants (i.e., cardiac pacemakers, cochlear implants, implanted neurostimulators, etc.) may be disqualified from CoolTone treatment. Your candidacy will be determined during your private consultation with Dr. Bitter.

How long does each CoolTone session take?

The length of a CoolTone™ appointment can vary depending on the number of areas being treated. Patients who wish to target multiple areas of concern can expect a longer treatment time than those who want to address just one region.

Is treatment with CoolTone painful?

CoolTone is intended to be a completely painless treatment. Some patients may experience minimal discomfort as the muscles contract, but it should not be painful. Similarly to post-workout side effects, soreness commonly occurs after CoolTone as the body builds new muscle mass.

Are there any side effects of CoolTone?

It is uncommon for patients to have significant side effects as a result of CoolTone treatment. Tenderness or soreness may develop following treatment, but the feeling can be compared to that of an intense workout.

How much does CoolTone cost?

No CoolTone treatment plan is the same, and the cost of this procedure varies based on several factors. You will receive an accurate cost calculation for your unique CoolTone journey during your consultation appointment.

Will CoolTone help me lose weight?

CoolTone is not a fat reduction treatment, nor does it directly affect the fat cells in the treated area. However, greater muscle mass is commonly associated with a faster metabolism and enhanced fat-burning capabilities. Patients who opt for CoolTone™ may notice some fat loss as they experience increase muscle mass.

Can CoolTone be combined with other aesthetic treatments?

Some patients may want to consider multiple aesthetic treatments to reach their goals. After communicating your needs and concerns at your consultation, you will receive recommendations from Dr. Bitter. Knowing which options you qualify for can help you decide how you want to approach your cosmetic journey.