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Tired of numerous diets and empty promises?  Everyone promises to deliver amazing results, but Coolsculpting with CryoLypolysis results far surpass the rest.  Here in Silicon Valley, we are blessed to live in the beautiful town of Los Gatos.  Most of us work very hard and we do not always have all the downtime we need.  Many wish we could find a quicker solution to helping achieve the permanent fat reduction without surgery or downtime.  Lucky for us, we now have Coolsculpting in our Los Gatos Location.  Dr. Bitter is pleased to be able to offer the community of Los Gatos the latest technology available for permanent fat loss known with Cryolipolysis technology with no downtime, no needles, no surgery and permanent fat loss.

Everyone wants to know three things about Coolsculpting in Los Gatos: 

  1.  Does Coolsculpting hurt?   Most people report that it is only mildly uncomfortable.  This is one of the reasons we have an RN and PA do the treatments, as we achieve superior results and happy satisfied customers.
  2. Does Coolsculpting work? Yes, it works.  The answer is clear, each treatment will permanently eliminate up to 20-25% of the fat cells being treated in the area treated.  It is ideal for stubborn areas of fat that often are not responsive to diet and exercise.
  3. How Much does it cost? Cost varies depending on how many cycles are needed, and the results you get.  We run specials, so if you are not on our email list, please join us to be the first!
  4. Will it work for me?  A: Almost anyone can undergo CoolSculpting® to help rid themselves of noticeable bumps, bulges, or pockets of unwanted fat. Ideal candidates are within 30 pounds of their goal weight, but those who are are more than 30 pounds overweight can also benefit from this revolutionary procedure with more treatments. The CoolSculpting® procedure is best performed on individuals who already have a healthy lifestyle and who don’t want or don’t need liposuction. We will help you determine whether CoolSculpting® is right for you during your one-on-one consultation.

We have thousands of happy Los Gatos, Campbell, Silicon Valley, San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area clients, patients and guests who love the VIP treatments we provide.  Thousands of successful Coolsculpting and Body Controuring treatmetns have been performed at our office!

Our patients  know that Coolsculpting works and they love our Body Contouring Results.  Our new clients find us through referrals, our results and happy and satisfied customers speak for themselves.  We are so grateful for our VIP guests and customers and appreciate the referrals to friends and family.  Los Gatos, Silicon Valley and San Jose now have a home for exclusive VIP  Beverly Hills experience.


At our office, we have the most advanced technology available for body sculpting.  We have two Brand New Cool Advantage Machines, with shorter more comfortable more convenient treatments times.


At our office, we are the only Certified Coolsculpting Practice that does an exclusive Coolsculpting and Skin Tightening Treatment developed by Dr. Bitter to give his patients better results than achieved elsewhere.  We offer all our patients who receive a coolsculpting treatment one complimentary Skin Tightening and skin Toning Treatments with our exclusive powerful laser devices.  Patients love the results they get here and often request Skin tightening on other areas of their body. We call our treatments Sculpt & Tyte , aka “Coolsculpt,  CoolTight & CoolTone”


  1.  Can I treat two areas at the same time?  The answer is YES at our office! Since we have the newest Coolsculpting devices with shorter treatment times, our devices are more effective than the older lasers.  Patients get great results in 35 minutes and can have coolsuclpting done during their lunch hour!
  2. Will the Fat come back?  The answer is that once the fat cells in the area being treated are permanently deleted with a Coolsculpting cycle, your body will naturally eliminate the fat.
  3. Will I grow more fat cells to replace the ones Coolsculpting treated?  Our bodies are born with a set number of fat cells, we do not grow more.  When a person gains weight, the fat cells expand, and when they lose weight, the fat cells become smaller.  You will not grow more fat cells.
  4. How Many Treatments do I need?  This depends on the type of results you would like to see.  Most people need 2-3 treatments in each area, although some people can get satisfying results with one treatment.
  5. Is Coolsculpting a Weight loss Substitute?  Coolsculpitng is not indicated for a weight loss program.  Most poeple find that they benefit from a healthy diet and exercise regimen, and following your doctor’s orders.
  6. How does it work:  During the CoolSculpting® procedure, the targeted fat cells are frozen, causing them to gradually die while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. Over the next few weeks, these dead fat cells are removed through the body’s natural elimination process. Unlike dieting and exercising that only reduces the size of the fat cells, CoolSculpting® actually reduces the number of fat cells in the treated areas by approximately 20 to 25 percent! Once these fat cells are gone, they are gone forever!
  7. Do you offer weekends?  Yes, we offer weekend and evening appointments by appointment.  We always do our best to make it convenient for you!
  8. What other services can I have done during my treatment?  A lot of patients appreciate the opportunity to have botox or other injectable done on the same day.  Ask if you would like to add a treatment to your coolsuclpting.
  9. Our Coolsculpting room is set up for luxury, comfort, convenience and privacy.  We provide a VIP  Beverly Hills experience for all our clients!.  We have a very comfortable bed for you to relax in during your treatment, free NETFLIX, free WIFI, live television and will order you a catered lunch from our Door Dash Menu! Just let us know what you would like and we are happy to bring whatever you would like !
  10. Why choose us:  Our Coolsculpting team of expers are the very best. Coolsculpting is administered by our highly trained and experienced Registered Nurse and Physician Assistant.  We feel it is crucial to give our guests the very best, and we believe a highly trained RN and PA provide the most thorough and superior care.  We care deeply about your results, and we appreciate you choosing our practice!!

No Surgery, No Needles, No Downtime!  This is Coolsculpting!  Find out why our clients love their coolsuclpting, body contouring, and skin tightening treatmetsn as much as they love our Aestehetic and Cosmetic Treatments (including Injectables, Neurotoxins, Laser Hair Removal, PRP, MicroNeedling, Fotofacials, BBL and much more!)

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