Why Lip Fillers Go Wrong

Lip fillers have been known to produce results ranging from beautifully natural, full lips to the comically fake-looking “trout pout.” Some women, including many well-known celebrities, are so intent on combating age-related thinning of the lips that they wind up with unnatural-looking results from lip fillers. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., performs lip augmentation for many patients to fix poorly done lips following the misuse of lip fillers.

Not Having a Road Map

Patients who don’t have a clear picture of exactly what they want for their lips are at the mercy of a plastic surgeon or dermatologist whose opinions or mindset could be quite unlike theirs. Even among experts in the field, many have differing opinions on what looks good and what doesn’t. Every patient should have a road map of exactly what they want so that their results will be more predictable and satisfying.

Disregarding Other Facial Features

Too many plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and patients fail to consider how the lips should look in comparison to the other facial features. Disregarding the other features of the face when injecting lip fillers increases the risk that the results will look unnatural. Lip enhancement should augment the lips in an appropriate way for the facial setting. Otherwise, the lips could end up looking too large, too bulky, or otherwise unbalanced with the rest of the face.

Using the Wrong Product

Additionally, some use the wrong type of filler. While several types of fillers can be safely used on the lips, not all are intended for this delicate area. The lips are different from the rest of the facial skin and need a more refined product to produce results that will look natural rather than bulky, grainy, or lumpy. Dr. Bitter prefers to use the silky smooth Restylane® Silk for natural-looking lip enhancement. Restylane® Silk is a refined, smooth gel that produces more subtle results as it enhances lip size, shape, volume, and smoothness.  

Adverse Reactions

Unfortunately, some people will have adverse reactions to lip fillers. For example, allergic reactions can cause swelling or other unnatural-looking results. It is best to use only the smallest amount of filler initially, see how the lips react, and then later inject more filler if desired.

Getting Lip Injections Too Often

For some people, body enhancement becomes an addiction. Getting lip injections too often can lead to undesirable results. It is important to always keep a healthy, balanced perspective about your appearance. The results from lip fillers can last a good while, and patients do not need touch-ups more often than every six months or so.

Poor Technique

Finally, poor technique often leads to poor results. Some dermatologists and plastic surgeons inject fillers directly into the edge of the lips, which creates a stiffer, ridge-like look that appears rather awkward from the profile. Others use fillers too aggressively and eliminate the Cupid’s bow, causing the lips to look slug-like. Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., has performed over 3,000 lip augmentation treatments using his own refined techniques to avoid these issues and give patients the best results with lip enhancement.

If you are the unfortunate victim of lip fillers gone wrong, Dr. Bitter can help. Schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Bitter so that he can improve the appearance of your lips. Call our office at (408) 358-5757 or complete our online contact form to reach us today.

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