In an industry that is constantly changing and developing innovative technologies, there’s always a reason to investigate the latest product or procedure. KYBELLA® has recently been approved by the FDA to remove fat from beneath the chin. World-renowned dermatologist Dr. Patrick Bitter, pioneer of the FotoFacial® anti-aging treatment, uses KYBELLA® to help his patients achieve a more defined, slender neckline. Below are a few of the many reasons why KYBELLA® could be right for you.

Reason #1: You are unhappy with the appearance of your double chin.

Arguably few people (if any) who have a double chin are pleased about it. Recent survey research suggests that as many as two-thirds of adults are unhappy with the appearance of excess fat beneath their chin. Even if your neckline does not have enough excess fat to be labeled a “double chin,” submental fullness may still bother you. KYBELLA® can eliminate this localized fat and give you the neckline you desire.

Reason #2: Others perceive you as old, unattractive, or overweight because of your double chin.

It is difficult to put your best foot forward when others perceive you as old, unattractive, or overweight because of your double chin. Even if you are youthful, you have attractive features, and your figure is slender and shapely, a double chin may seem to negate your positive physical aspects. With KYBELLA®, you can present your best self and let your strongest features shine without the detraction of a double chin.

Reason #3: You feel forced to use makeup or fashion tricks to disguise your double chin.

While makeup and clothing can help disguise a double chin, no one should have to feel forced to resort to these tactics. Most men would rather never use makeup, and most women want the opportunity to show their necks and change their clothing styles when they want to. KYBELLA® gives you the opportunity to wear what you wish without fear that it will reveal a chubby chin and neck.

Reason #4: Nothing else seems to work.

Even if you spend an hour at the gym every day and your diet consists mostly of green smoothies, factors such as aging or genetics may still give you a double chin. When nothing else seems to work, KYBELLA® is proven effective in eliminating a double chin and can help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Reason #5: Surgery is not for you.

Liposuction and other invasive procedures can reduce submental fullness and improve the appearance of the neckline. However, surgery is not for everyone. Whether you cannot undergo surgery for health reasons or you choose not to for personal reasons, a non-surgical treatment could be the solution. KYBELLA® is the only non-surgical treatment that can eliminate submental fullness, and the procedure has no recovery or downtime.

Reason #6: You are looking for a treatment that is safe, quick, and effective.

New treatments and procedures are always being developed, but it is not until they have been thoroughly tested that patients can be assured of their safety and effectiveness. Extensive clinical testing has demonstrated that KYBELLA® is effective after as little as one treatment, and its approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration indicates that KYBELLA® is safe to use. The treatment is also very quick and lasts less than 20 minutes, after which patients can return home.

Reason #7: You are looking for permanent results.

Many aesthetic treatments offer excellent temporary results, but most individuals who wish to eliminate a double chin desire permanent results. Once KYBELLA® is injected into the submental region, the deoxycholic acid remains there perpetually to break down fat cells. KYBELLA® will destroy existing fat as well as any new fat cells that try to form in the area. After one to six treatments with KYBELLA®, patients will have a permanently more defined and attractive neckline.

A double chin can contribute to feelings of self-consciousness and may cause you to look old, overweight, and unattractive. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr. offers KYBELLA® treatments to permanently enhance your appearance, get rid of a double chin, and boost your self-confidence. For more information about KYBELLA® or other anti-aging treatments, schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Bitter. Call (408) 358-5757 or fill out our online contact form to request your appointment today.

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