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Dear Patients and Friends, 

We hope you and your Loved Ones have been well and healthy during this unprecedented time.

We want to make sure you know that we are open for appointments and excited to welcome you back!

You can rest assured that the results of your treatments and your safety and well-being are our top priorities. I and my staff adhere to the best standards of careful technique and pre-caution.

Along the lines of keeping you safe and healthy in our office, we use the Levicyn brand of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL). I helped pioneer the use of HypoChlorous Acid (HOCL) as the new standard of care in Aesthetic Medicine, publishing my recommendations for the proper use of HOCL in medical offices just last year. HOCL is non-toxic and safe to use directly on the skin. It kills bacteria and viruses within 90 seconds of contact on the skin and hard surfaces. We have used Levicyn’s brand of HOCL for over five years to prep skin before fillers, Botox, and many other procedures. as well as on our own hands and to disinfect all surfaces that are touched by hands.

The work I have done with HOCL helped the Australian Government approve the use of the Levicyn brand of HOCL as a disinfectant and anti-viral agent effective for use against Coronavirus (SARS Covid-19 virus).

Levicyn is produced in Northern California by the highly regarded Sonoma Pharmaceuticals.

HOCL Acid is non-toxic and completely safe to humans. Many of you may have seen me demonstrate how I use Levicyn. I spray it on my face, in my nose and eyes daily, and when I travel to ward off bacteria and viruses. I also use HOCL on our BBL and laser handpieces. I and my staff use Levicyn spray on our hands between each patient we see. It is safe for sensitive skin and prevents dryness and skin irritation from handwashing with soap.

We are always happy to demonstrate how we use Levicyn spray to ward off harmful bacteria and viruses. Many of you have liked the convenience of getting Levicyn directly from us during your visit to our office.

You can find out more about how we use Levicyn, by clicking on the link to the clinical paper I helped author:


We are very excited to introduce our brand new TurboFacial and TurboBody procedures.

The TurboFacial and TurboBody procedures offer all the benefits of our FotoFacial treatments with the added benefits of even smoother, clearer, tighter, and younger-looking skin than ever before.

I have developed the TurboFacial and TurboBody procedures over the past eight months using a new BBL technology. The results have been amazing. I have done five TurboFacial treatments on myself and my skin looks better than when I was in my thirties!

The TurboFacial Treatment is available only in our office. Even the plastic surgeons to Hollywood Celebrities do not yet know about the TurboFacial procedure.

In my experience, the TurboFacial, which is suitable for all skin types and all ages, is the biggest breakthrough in non-invasive skin rejuvenation since I originally introduced the IPL and BBL FotoFacial procedure over twenty years ago. We are very pleased to offer you our latest and best skin rejuvenation treatment for anywhere on your body with the Turbo Facial and TurboBody procedures.

Call us for more information to find out about our special pricing and to schedule an appointment for your TurboFacial.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Our best wishes for your continued health and well-being.

Patrick Bitter, Jr., MD and Staff

Call 408-358-5757 to schedule

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