The NEW Man UP!™ Procedure

New Treatment Using Light Enhances Male Sexual Function and Holds Promise For Erectile Dysfunction.

Pioneer dermatologist, developer of the FotoFacial® procedure, and world authority on the use of light to treat skin, Patrick Bitter, Jr., M.D. has innovated and introduced a new application of light-based technology that enhances sexual performance in men: the Man UP!™ procedure!

Benefits of the Man UP!™ Procedure

In an initial small trial of healthy men, a single fifteen-minute painless treatment using light-based technology on the penis and scrotum resulted in almost immediate effects that persisted for several months after treatment. After a single treatment, men reported the following benefits:

  • Penis was noticeably enlarged at rest
  • Harder and larger erections
  • Experienced enhanced orgasms with sex

According to Dr. Bitter, the effects of using light-based technology on the genital area of men was more dramatic than even anticipated. The reported beneficial effects persisted for several months and were enhanced by a second and third treatment.

The results for men are analogous to the results that have been seen in women receiving the same type of light-based treatment to the external genital area. Dr. Bitter has observed that a single fifteen-minute treatment using light-based technology to the vulva has resulted in improved vaginal tightening, enhanced lubrication, enhanced sexual pleasure, and ease of achieving orgasm. In a preliminary study in women, Dr. Bitter and his co-investigator have observed the effects of a single light treatment in women lasting up to a year. Reported benefits are enhanced with a second and third treatment in women.

Dr. Bitter has coined the name Man UP!™ to describe this new use of light-based technology for men. It is not yet known how effective the Man UP!™ procedure will be for men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or men who have enlarged prostates and difficulty with urinary flow.

Man UP!™ is painless, quick, non-invasive, and has absolutely no risks.

According to Dr. Bitter, the Man UP!™ procedure is painless, quick (takes only fifteen minutes), is completely non-invasive, and has essentially no risks. Men have described the Man UP!™ procedure as feeling like a warm massage. It is not yet known exactly how light causes the benefits seen with the Man UP!™ procedure, but it is speculated that at least one mechanism is that this method of using light to gently warm the entire genital area improves circulation to the penis.

At this time, Dr. Bitter’s only caveat about the Man UP!™ procedure is that it requires a specific technique using a light-based technology he has developed that he not yet taught to other practitioners. Without the use of this specific technique, similar results observed with light-based technology may not occur.

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Man UP!™, Man Up!™, and Man uP!™ are trademarks of Patrick Bitter, Jr., M.D.  For any questions or licensing request please contact Dr. Bitter at [email protected] or call us our office at 408-358-5757.

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