The Art of Doing Great Lips

Beauty is created by those with talent, skill, and artistry. Starry Night and the Statue of David were not made by amateurs but by masters of art. These beautiful classics by Vincent Van Gogh and Michelangelo are evidence not only of their masters’ skill but also of their artistic eye. Today, board-certified dermatologist Dr read the full info here. Patrick Bitter, Jr. applies his own artistic talent and skill with fillers to enhance the lips.

Everyone Can Have Beautiful Lips

A talented sculptor knows that any piece of marble can be crafted into something beautiful. At the artist’s first interaction with the untouched rock, his mind begins to envision the possibilities of what beautiful designs the rock could become. The natural properties and shape of the rock also play a role; one rock with softer curves and another rock with jagged streaks of color may be crafted into two entirely different yet equally beautiful images.

Likewise, a talented medical professional knows that anyone can have beautiful lips. At your consultation with Dr. Bitter, he will begin to envision how fillers could make your lips as attractive, luscious, and beautiful as you desire. Your natural features will play a role in how Dr. Bitter will use fillers to enhance your lips, as the end goal will be to have features that complement each other nicely. Dr. Bitter will augment your lips so that they look exceptionally beautiful with your other facial features.

The Artful Use of Fillers

For lip augmentation, Dr. Bitter employs the artful use of injectable fillers. Having performed over 3,000 lip augmentation treatments, Dr. Bitter has adapted his own technique to give patients the best results. Depending on your needs and goals, Dr. Bitter can use the silky smooth Restylane® Silk to enhance lip shape, volume, size, and smoothness. Using fillers allows him to carefully perform the treatment using the breadth of his artistic capabilities to achieve the most desirable results. Like any true artist, Dr. Bitter customizes every lip augmentation treatment to help each unique patient become their most beautiful.

Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., is a talented board-certified dermatologist who applies his artistic skill for each of his lip augmentation patients. To receive lip augmentation at the hands of a skilled artist and dermatologist, schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Bitter. Call (408) 358-5757 or fill out our online contact form to book your appointment today.

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