Press Release: Dr. Bitter’s BBL HERO Advanced Training Course Now Available

The Course you have been waiting for, Dr. Bitter’s BBL HERO ADVANCED TRAINING COURSE is now live and available on-line. With nearly six hours of content, Dr. Bitter covers everything you will need to know to master the use of Sciton’s new breakthrough BBL HERO technology. You will learn all of the new protocols developed by Dr. Patrick Bitter to safely treat skin on the face and body with BBL HERO. Dr. Bitter takes you through each treatment from start to finish explaining step by step how he uses BBL HERO for optimal skin rejuvenation of the face and body. Learn techniques and pearls not available anywhere else to produce amazing results for your patients with clearer, smoother, younger, healthier skin with zero downtime. Be one of the first to learn Dr. Bitter’s protocols and techniques that will make the Forever Young BBL Plus and Forever Body procedures the most talked about new face and body treatments that everyone will want.

Dr. Bitter has designed the BBL HERO ADVANCED TRAINING COURSE with new features such as Ultra-High Definition and Point of View videography for the best possible close-up views, constant treatment screen view so you can follow the pulse count throughout the treatment, detailed how to protocols for skin types 1 through 5, post-course assessment test, downloadable treatment sheet, a special numbered certificate of completion and much more to make mastering the use of BBL HERO easy to learn.

According to Dr. Bitter: “In my nearly twenty five years of working with IPL my dream has always been to create skin that looks like a young person’s skin. Now with Sciton’s new High Energy Rapid Output (HERO) BBL Technology I have been able to create new protocols that make my dream finally come true. Never before could I make skin look so much like a young person’s skin as I can with BBL HERO.”

For more information on Dr. Bitter’s Course Please contact: Abla Bitter email [email protected]

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