Get Rid of Acne With FotoFacial® Clear™

Acne and acne scars plague many individuals, keeping them from having healthy, beautiful, clear skin. While some medications and scrubs can help, most actually damage the skin. No treatment is as effective in treating acne and acne scars as FotoFacial® Clear™. FotoFacial® Clear™, a treatment pioneered by IPL expert Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., produces near miraculous results using broadband light (BBL) technology to restore clear, young, healthy, and beautiful skin with no drugs at all.

Who Can Benefit From FotoFacial® Clear™?

Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., developed this revolutionary BBL acne treatment for a variety of patients and is ideal for men, women, and teenagers. Designed primarily for individuals with inflammatory acne, cystic acne, and acne scars, FotoFacial® Clear™ is also effective in treating acne breakouts, pustules, adult acne, hormonal acne, erythema, rosacea, photo-damaged skin, hyperpigmented marks, shallow depressions, and facial redness caused by acne. The FotoFacial® Clear™ treatment can treat acne anywhere on the body. While many skin treatments with light technology are not safe or effective for darker skin tones, FotoFacial® Clear™ can safely and effectively treat all skin tones. Dr. Bitter has performed this treatment on emotionally mature patients as young as 14 years old. FotoFacial® Clear™ is also an excellent option for people who have an important social event such as an upcoming wedding to ensure that their skin stays clear and beautiful.

How FotoFacial® Clear™ Works

FotoFacial® Clear™ eliminates acne by sending light inside the skin to kill acne-causing bacteria. The light energy delivered by BBL selectively heats and destroys undesired pigmentations and bacteria as deep as one centimeter into the skin. It also stimulates skin cell regeneration and collagen production to restore healthier skin. Multiple Smart Filters™ allow Dr. Bitter to finesse the treatment for a variety of skin types and conditions. Each treatment uses a three-step process to eliminate bacteria and reduce inflammation. Through a series of approximately six to eight weekly or twice-monthly treatments, FotoFacial® Clear™ can significantly improve facial complexion and even slow down skin aging. Each treatment session is quick, lasting approximately eight to 15 minutes depending on the area treated. No downtime is necessary, and patients will be able to notice improvements within days of their first treatment.

Patients who undergo the FotoFacial® Clear™ treatment can expect 80 to 100 percent improvement in the elimination of acne scars and active, inflamed acne. Active acne is reduced for six to 12 weeks, whereas acne scars are permanently improved with BBL. Patients can continue to receive follow-up FotoFacial® Clear™ treatments every three months to keep their skin clear from hormonal or inflammatory acne.

The FotoFacial® Clear™ treatment with BBL technology was pioneered by world-renowned board-certified dermatologist Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., and is available exclusively at his offices in Santa Monica and Los Gatos, California. To schedule your consultation for FotoFacial® Clear™ with Dr. Bitter, please call (408) 358-5757 or fill out our online contact form today.

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