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Plastic Surgery Hub Interviews Dr. Bitter About The FotoFacial

Posted May 10, 2019 in Blog & News, FotoFacial®, News, Newsletter, Uncategorized

A Pearl from Australia! Dr. Bitter appeared in a recent media interview with Plastic Surgery Hub’s Trish Hammond while at Cosmedicon 2019. He explains how he transforms skin with our most popular combination Treatments, the Fotofacial BBL and Halo Laser Resufacing by Sciton, Inc.. This is the Red Carpet Glow treatment everyone asks for again and again.

Plastic Surgery Hub is a great resource that helps patients research the steps of an aesthetic enhancement journey.

Listen to the interview here:

Or read the full transcript of the interview here.

Announcer: Real stories. Reliable information. The latest technology and news. Welcome to the Plastic Surgery Hub podcast. Connecting people with practitioners.

Trish Hammond: Hello, listeners. It’s Trish Hammond here again from Transforming Bodies podcast. I’m still at Cosmedicon 2019, so I’m still on that hyper-mode. And today, I’m going to talk to the lovely Dr. Patrick Bitter. Now he’s a dermatologist, and he’s from the USA, Silicon Valley, I just found out.

Trish Hammond: Now, I’ve been hearing Dr. Bitter talk for a couple of years now, and he is an absolute advocate for the Sciton products, of the BBL and the Halo, and I have just seen some phenomenal results of treatments that he’s done, and I’m going to have a talk to him about it, because he’s actually … Sorry. I’ve had a Halo treatment, and I just absolutely love it. So today, we’re going to have a bit of a talk about the combination therapy. So, welcome.

Patrick Bitter: Well, hello Trish. Thank you for inviting me. I’m delighted to be here.

Trish Hammond: Pleasure. Nice to talk to you again. This is going to be like an annual thing between us.

Patrick Bitter: I hope so. I love Australia.

Trish Hammond: Now, look. I was watching … I mean I’ve seen you do a few presentations, but tell me. I know that you do the Halo in combination with the BBL in your clinic. Can you tell us what kind of results you achieve, and what kind of people you do it for? Like is there a general kind of audience for this? Or pretty much anyone?

Patrick Bitter: So the combination BBL treatment and Halo is a very special treatment. It’s not a treatment that I do for everybody. It is those people that have changes in their skin, that are a bit more severe sun damage, and they have early pre-cancerous changes. They’ve got more stubborn pigmentation, and they may also have more lines and wrinkles in their face. So that’s one category of people that would benefit from that combination BBL and Halo treatment.

Patrick Bitter: The second category are those people that have pigmentation problems, in particular, melasma. And there, I’ll do a milder, gentle Halo treatment, or a series of those, usually spaced at six week intervals. And then do a mild treatment with light, the broadband lighter BBL in between. And that, I have found, when combined with a proper skincare regimen, to have really the best results that I as a dermatologist have ever found with treating that stubborn pigmentation condition, melasma.

Patrick Bitter: And then there’s a third category. And those are the people in the younger age groups, typically 20s to 40s, where they’d like to have a kind of wow result really quickly. That would be somebody that has a special event coming up, and they really only have time for one treatment, to be able to make a very noticeable difference in their skin. In that particular case, people that have freckling and pigmentation, visible pores, maybe some subtle acne scars, marks left behind from breakouts or blemishes that they’ve had. But they’re younger, and they have otherwise maybe decent kind of skin. I will do a combination of the broadband light, the BBL, plus the Halo. And the result with that is this wow treatment.

Patrick Bitter: I’ve come to really, over four years, appreciate how good this treatment is, because this, compared to many other treatments that I have done, that are ones where there’s either a fair amount of discomfort and a fair amount of recovery time, this one combination treatment with BBL and Halo, is one patients keep coming back asking to do again. They love it, and they love the way it makes their skin look bright, smooth, younger, clearer, healthier.

Trish Hammond: I can totally relate to that, because I have had the Halo. And then I’m like, “Oh, wow. I want to go and just have a bit of a zhuzh up,” for want of a better word, because it looks so good. And I hadn’t even noticed, you know, because your skin looks good, and you just look the same all the time. But then people start to make comments, and that’s when you really start to notice, and you think, “Oh, wow. I’m looking great, obviously.”

Patrick Bitter: But Trish, you … Sitting here next to you, and I can tell looking at you, you’ve been blessed with really, pretty nice skin. But you also have naturally, just more color in your skin. That skin has traditionally … Your type of skin has traditionally been really more difficult to treat with a variety of different treatments that we dermatologists, and aesthetic practitioners have tried.

Patrick Bitter: So the concept, or the belief has been that your kind of skin is special, can’t really treat it. We’ve found that the Halo treatment is a very safe treatment to do it for your skin, especially since it can be adjusted to make the treatment quite mild. And on nice skin like yours, that Halo treatment leaves that kind of bright, smooth, just fresh quality to the skin. And that mild treatment, you know from your own experience, pretty easy to recover from. Can easily be repeated every six months or so. So it’s common for people, like yourself, to just do two of these nice Halo treatments a year.

Trish Hammond: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Sounds perfect. So tell us, what is the Halo? What is the technology behind the Halo? What does the Halo do? Like how does it work?

Patrick Bitter: So, Halo is the brain child, if you will, of a company called Sciton. And they are actually in the area where I live, in Silicon Valley. Oh, maybe 20 kilometers away from where I practice. It is … I know them well. And they, what the brilliant minds at Sciton have done, is they’ve taken two different kind of laser colors. One that has been used for a number of decades for a fairly aggressive treatment, that laser resurfacing, that’s the Erbium YAG. And then they’ve taken another, newer laser wavelength that doesn’t get that aggressive effect, but it’s able to penetrate deeper into the skin. And they’ve figured out a way to cleverly make both these laser wavelengths flash at exactly the same time.

Patrick Bitter: So when skin is treated with Halo, the skin is receiving two different laser wavelengths that are doing two different things to the skin. And then, the operator has the ability to really be able to kind of adjust, making the treatment mild, or making it more aggressive. That allows us to treat all kinds of skin, yours, mine, and a variety of people. From people that have just mostly acne scars, to people that have a lot of sun damage and pre-cancerous changes in their skin.

Trish Hammond: Mm-hmm (affirmative). And what about the BBL then? So how does that work with it? Because I didn’t have the BBL when I had my Halo, because they were very conservative. But I know that, when I heard you talking, would definitely have done it, so I was really interested. So tell us about the BBL. What actually is that?

Patrick Bitter: So BBL, which stands for BroadBand Light, is also a device developed by the same company, Sciton. And they introduced it as their version of what people more familiarly know as IPL. So BBL is a version of IPL, but it was introduced about 12 years ago, available now around the world. In Australia, there are probably now 130 practitioners that have Sciton’s BBL. And I’ve come, on this particular visit to Australia really, to train the majority of them in the specialized techniques that we use with BroadBand Light.

Patrick Bitter: So, this is different than laser. It is kind of all the colors of light in the visible range of light, and the infrared range of light. And when you flash this kind of light energy on skin, it has some very interesting effects. The effects are to lighten brown spots, to stimulate collagen, to lessen the appearance of pores, to be able to lessen fine lines. And it also is able to dramatically improve redness in the face, redness in the chest and in the neck area, and conditions like rosacea. In my experience with BBL, it’s the best treatment in the world for rosacea. So I’m delighted that Australian doctors have seen the light. No pun intended. And realized how valuable BBL is for the Australian population. So this is a very special spectrum of light, and it really has, lends itself very well to being able to make sun damaged skin and aging skin look better.

Patrick Bitter: And the other special thing about light, or BBL, is that if you get regular treatments, two to four times a year, it can keep skin healthy, and it’ll slow down the way skin ages. So it made a lot of sense to not just use BBL, but use it also in combination with Halo for people that have a variety of conditions. Either a greater degree of sun damage, or redness with a lot of sun damage, or acne scars and things like that, where we can get the benefits of both BBL and the benefits of the Halo laser and use it in combination.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, got it. And one thing I find really interesting is the fact that like, say for example, my husband’s got a friend. He’s a blokey-bloke, and he has one of those big, red, bulbous noses, and lots of facial red capillary veins, whatever. And up until five years ago, he was just not doing anything. And then he stumbled across a laser therapist who did, I think it’s IPL actually, that she did. And so now this guy, who’s a real macho kind of Aussie bloke, now goes twice a year to go and have his face [inaudible 00:09:31]. And the difference in him, just for the fact that …

Trish Hammond: You know, what I’m trying to say is, you don’t need to go around with all this stuff on your skin, because there’s so many things out there these days that are minimally invasive, and if you just do them regularly, they kind of fix them. That’s kind of what this is, isn’t it? It’s a maintenance program really, isn’t it?

Patrick Bitter: Well Trish, you just shared what is very common, and that is that kind of skin, that we see that commonly in the United States in our Caucasian population. And in Australia, on that skin that ages and also is prone to rosacea. And that skin had typically really been difficult to treat prior to BBL.

Patrick Bitter: And what you shared was really another thing, and that is that the BBL treatments have become very popular among men. In my own practice, 1/4 of all the BBL treatments I do are on men. I do a number of other aesthetic treatments, like Botox injections, and filler injections, and I can tell you that men represent maybe 3% of those treatments, whereas about 25% of the BBL treatments I do are on men. Largely, men are coming because I’ve treated their spouses or significant others. Or, you’ve got that age group of men in their mid-40s to 60s, that are newly single, and now they’re interested in dating, and they want to clean up their skin.

Patrick Bitter: And what is so appealing about a BBL treatment for women and for men, is there’s no downtime with those treatments. So you can visibly transform skin to make it look healthier, make it look clearer, make it look younger, without any downtime. And that’s what really is, I think, propelled the popularity of the procedure I originally introduced. Wow, 22 years ago now.

Trish Hammond: Oh, fantastic. And I’ve got to say, when I had my Halo treatment, because I’m one of those people that’s like, “Oh, yes, yes, yes. I want this, I want this,” and I never bother to actually research what happens after day one, day two. So by the time I left the clinic, I was like burning hot, and I drove home with the air conditioner on in the car just blowing on my face. My son drove me.

Trish Hammond: But then over the next … Day one, day two, day three, day four. I was going into a panic, because I actually swelled up a lot. I am very, very sensitive. I swelled up a lot, and I was like, “Oh my God, what’s happening to my skin?” And you know, by day three I was like, “Oh my God, what have I done? Have I done the right thing? What am I thinking?” But by day five, I was glorious. So I think it’s really important to know that it may not look that pretty for the first few days. You know? But the result, like about day five, you reckon that it’d be right for everyone? Day five?

Patrick Bitter: Well Trish, you’re referring to your experience with the Halo laser treatment. And because the Halo was designed in such a way by Sciton, we practitioners can really tune or adjust how mild or strong we make the treatment. And so from what you’re describing, you had a treatment that was probably a tad more than a really mild treatment. The really mild treatments, there’s redness and swelling, maybe for a day. And then after that, just some dots, and then pretty much by three days, makeup can be put on.

Patrick Bitter: A stronger Halo laser treatment has a bit more reaction. And then a really aggressive one, when people have a lot of deep wrinkles, or a lot more aging, or are older, it has a longer recovery time. But the end result is such lovely looking skin. And I can just judge, I can tell that by looking at your skin, having had Halo treatment, has that nice radiance and glow-

Trish Hammond: Thank you, I like you even more now.

Patrick Bitter: -and smoothness to it.

Patrick Bitter: Well you know, my passion as a dermatologist has always been lovely skin. And so I’m looking at your beautiful skin here, and saying, “Wow, well Halo is a good choice for her.” And now that you know, you can do a BBL Halo combination, and your skin can be safely treated, and I’ve come primarily to Australia to train a lot of doctors who have Sciton’s BBL how to do it, and use it in lovely skin like yours, safely, and for you to get really the anti-aging benefits of BBL. Now you know that that can be done.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So tell me, in your clinic, just before we go. So in your clinic, how many people a day do you reckon you treat with Halo, BBL? Is it like a daily thing? Do you just have people coming in all day to have a treatment? Or …?

Patrick Bitter: BBL has become incredibly popular, and so I personally do ten of those a day on patients. Because BBL lends itself so well to being able to correct skin anywhere on the body, I do a lot of body treatments. So the most common procedure is face/neck/chest in women to do, but I do a lot of arms, and backs, and shoulders.

Patrick Bitter: The combination of Halo and BBL is become, over the last four years, an increasingly popular procedure for those people that really would benefit by doing the combination. So those I do several times a week, as a combination treatment. And I can tell you that what people love doing is, after they’ve had especially a BBL Halo combination, they love doing just their periodic maintenance BBL treatments. It’s called Forever Young BBL, and those treatments just keep skin healthy, and slow down aging.

Trish Hammond: Yep. And look, just one last thing. Because in Australia, like a lot of ladies suffer from that really crepey kind of skin around the chest, and I’ve got quite a few girlfriends that are always like, “What can I do about that?” And a lot of people are saying, “No, that’s nothing. You just got to wear sunscreen now.” But what I want to reiterate is it’s not true. You can pretty much fix almost anything, can’t you? There’s no need to put up with pigmented skin. There’s no need to put up with that burn-y looking chest. You can pretty much fix anything these days. Do you agree with me?

Patrick Bitter: Oh, yeah. You are absolutely right. And of course, it has been my passion in the last 20+ years of my career as a dermatologist. So what you were describing, for example in the décolleté, with the lines, and the crepey skin, and sun damage, BBL works very, very nicely for that, and very safe to do. When there’s a greater degree of lines, when the lines get deeper in that décolleté, then Halo is added. And the combination of Halo, because the textural improvement in Halo treatments. And that’s very safe to do.

Patrick Bitter: And I think where I can see you are going with the things that you really want people to hear, what we can now say to the world, is that if you start with regular BBL treatments when you’re age 40, you can pretty much keep your skin. Or in your 30s. So in your 30s or age 40, you can pretty much keep your skin clear, healthy, and younger looking for next 30 years of your life by doing regular BBL treatments.

Trish Hammond: Yep. I agree. Because I know that you do it on your skin, don’t you? You look pretty good. I don’t know how old you are, but I know that you look pretty good.

Patrick Bitter: Thank you. I’m a grandfather, and I’m very vain, and so I do a treatment every couple months with BBL on my skin.

Trish Hammond: Oh, I’m so envious. I’m so envious. Well thank you so much for taking the time today.

Patrick Bitter: Oh, it’s my great pleasure to join you today.

Trish Hammond: Oh, lovely. Thank you. So listeners, if you want to find out more about the BBL and the Halo, you can find it on Plastic Surgery Hub. You can find some practitioners that offer it as well. Or if you want to, just drop me an email to Thank you so much!

Patrick Bitter: Thank you.

Announcer: The Plastic Surgery Hub podcast. Connecting people with practitioners. For more information, visit, or email

Announcer: The material provided in this podcast is general information, and does not constitute medical advice, nor it is a substitute for consultation and advice from your own practitioner. It should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical illness. Any medical or surgical decision should be made in consultation with your own doctor or practitioner, and not based on the materials provided in this podcast.

2018 Male Dermatologist of the Year

Posted November 13, 2018 in Uncategorized


Posted November 09, 2018 in Blog & News

Light energy continues to make news for it’s remarkable ability to rejuvenate and heal the human body and no one knows the beneficial effects of light better than Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., the pioneer of the internationally acclaimed photo-rejuvenation treatment, the FotoFacial procedure. Over his more than twenty years of experience with pulsed light technologies Dr. Bitter has introduced a number of new applications of light to treat a variety of conditions such as acne, scars, rosacea and skin aging. Now using Broad Band Light (also known as BBL), a specialized version of pulsed light from Sciton in Palo Alto, Ca, Dr. Bitter has discovered a benefit of using BBL in a specific method to reduce or eliminate pain from a wide variety of painful conditions affecting muscles, tendons and joints.
Intitially observing the unexpected benefits of pain reduction in his patients that he was treating for skin laxity with BBL SkinTyte, Dr. Bitter, focused on using BBL SkinTyte to treat pain from injured muscles and tendons in a number of his patients including himself. In a recent interview Dr. Bitter described his observations and treatment protocol with BBL SkinTyte as truly remarkable.
“The reduction in pain in the majority of treated patients was almost immediate after just the first treatment regardless of the the nature of the pain.” explained Dr. Bitter. “The treatment is remarkably simple to have done, taking only about six minutes and feeling like a warm massage. In most cases the pain goes completely away after one or two treatments. This is the easiest treatment that I do on people with most people describing a pleasurable effect during the treatment.”
The exact mechanism of action is not completely known but it is speculated that the broad spectrum red and infrared light and high energies are able to heat a large area and penetrate deeply into tissue to increase circulation, reduce pain in nerves, and stimulate gene expression changes as well as metabolic changes that help repair tissue while eliminating pain.
According to Dr. Bitter, “Red Laser light has been shown to reduce pain with a series of treatments and these treatments are referred to as Low Level Light Therapy. BBL light is quite different in that a much more expanded spectrum of red and infrared light is used at much higher energies. These higher energies rapidly heat up the treated areas to a specific temperature. Over a period of only six minutes of heating the beneficial effects of pain reduction occur.”
Dr. Bitter has developed a specific protocol of BBL that produces the best results. “Large areas can be treated in one session opening up the practical benefits of treating several joints or several areas of painful muscles at one time.” This exciting break through may be a very useful treatment for a wide variety of conditions including sports injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia and neuropathy. According to Dr. Bitter, the discovery of the pain reducing effects of Broad Spectrum Light is so important it needs to be introduced into any medical type settings were pain is treated.
Dr. Bitter has named the procedure HEALyte™ which stands for High Energy Absorbed Light Therapy™ to distinguish it from the Low Level Light Therapy with lasers.
Currently the HEALyte™ treatments are only available at the offices of Dr Patrick Bitter, Jr in Los Gatos, CA (Silicon Valley) but that will change as Dr. Bitter plans the first of his physician trainings in the near future. For more information contact our office at or 408-358-5757.

We are now selling ALASTIN Skincare!

Posted April 24, 2018 in Blog & News

ALASTIN Skincare® Restorative Skin Complex ®with TriHex Technology ®

Restorative Skin Complex helps

  • Enhance healthy skin
  • Even skin tone
  • Improve the look of thinning skin, fine lines & wrinkles
  • Protect the skin from further damage

ALASTIN Skincare® Restorative Neck Complex ®

Restorative Neck Complex helps

  • Luxurious formulation HYDRATES the delicate skin on the neck and décolleté.
  • Leaves the neck and décolleté feeling more RESILIENT, SMOOTHER, AND TIGHTER.
  • Helps to address the appearance of aging skin and sun‐damage DISCOLORATION.
  • Helps to LIFT AND FIRM the skin on the neck and décolleté.

ALASTIN Skincare® Restorative Eye Treatment with TriHex Technology®

Restorative Eye Treatment helps

  • Increase healthy collagen & elastin in skin surrounding the delicate eye area
  • Reduce the look of fine lines , wrinkles, & reduce the look of dark circles
  • Diminishes the appearance of puffiness around the eyes
  • Improve the look of skin firmness

ALASTIN Skincare® Regenerating Skin Nectar™

with TriHex Technology®

Regenerating Skin Nectar helps

  • Enhance healthy skin
  • Calm the skin
  • Reduce the look of redness

ALASTIN Skincare® Soothe + Protect Recovery Balm

Soothe + Protect Recovery Balm helps

  • Hydrates dry and compromised skin
  • Supports renewal of post-procedure skin
  •   Helps to restore the barrier function of the skin

Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr. seeking applicants for Medical Assistant & Registered Nurse to join our Amazing Team!

Posted January 16, 2018 in Blog & News

Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr., and our staff at Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology provide beautiful natural treatments to help everyone look and feel their best at any age.  We are recruiting for Medical Assistants and Registered Nurses that love aesthetics and want to become part of our Aesthetic Dream Team working with a well known top doctor in  age delay & skin rejuvenation.  We are the place to come for Clear Skin Fit Body and looking and feeling your best at any age.  We offer the best training in rejuvenating skin and delaying aging.

Our most popular treatments include:  Fotofacial (TM) Age Delay Procedure with BBL (Broadband light/IPL/Intense Pulsed Light), Skin Tightening treatments  with SkinTyte Laser, Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser Procedure, Laser Hair Removal, Botox and Dysport (for minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and on the face), Fillers for replacing lost volume (including new Vollure, Volbella, Juvederm, Voluma as well as Restylane & Restylane Silk, Sculptra, Refyne, Defyne) and our new Duosculpting with Coolsculpting + Skin Tightening treatments for even better results.

Dr. Patrick Bitter., Jr.  is the developer of the well known Fotofacial (TM) Procedure and has published numerous articles and research studies on the benefits of treating skin with light.  His published research has proven that his exclusive light treatments change the genetic expression of skin cells and make skin cells begin to act like younger skin cells.  Dr. Bitter is frequently asked to speak at national and international conferences, and has trained thousands of providers in the United States and Internationally on the use of the Fotofacial (TM)  BBL procedure to rejuvenate skin with light.  Dr. Bitter has also recently developed and introduced two new treatments for male (MAN UP! TM) and female (LOVETYTE TM) sexual wellness that complement other treatments such as Diva Vaginal Rejuvenation.

If you are passionate about Aesthetics and Cosmetic Dermatology, providing outstanding customer services and love working as part of an amazing team, please call our office and ask for Abla,  Aesthetic Practice Director.    Please hand deliver or email us your resume to: and let us know what position you are interested in, and whether you are available for part time or full time. We look forward to hearing from you!  We are located at: Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology, 14651 S. Bascom Avenue, Suite 200, Los Gatos, CA 95032.  408-358-5757

Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr on Redefining Medicine

Posted November 22, 2017 in Blog & News, Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr.

Today’s interview on Redefining Medicine features Board-Certified dermatologist Patrick Bitter, MD. As pioneer and inventor of the now world-renowned FotoFacial® procedure, Dr. Bitter has over two decades of clinical research and experience surrounding skin treatments using intense pulsed light and broadband light. In addition to spearheading numerous new technologies and procedures in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Bitter has trained thousands of physicians worldwide, and is considered one of the leading clinicians in the field of dermatology.

Dr. Bitter Presents: Quickly and effectively treat acne with Forever Clear BBL.

Posted November 02, 2017 in Blog & News

Treat your patients’ acne with the speed of light!

Add acne to your portfolio of BBL treatments and experience the power of light with Forever Clear BBL.

Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr shares his key insights on treating acne with Forever Clear BBL. BroadBand Light (BBL) is well known for being the best light-based device on the market for removing pigmented and vascular lesions, but did you know you can effectively and quickly treat acne with BBL as well?

 Dr. Bitter introduced this cutting-edge acne treatment using a unique three-step process with blue, yellow and infrared BBL light to comfortably and effectively clear mild to moderate inflammatory acne. Forever Clear BBL is effective at all ages since it is a non-invasive, 15 minute treatment and virtually painless with no downtime.

Listen in and learn his greatest insights on this effective acne treatment.

If you are or someone you know is experiencing acne and they want to treat it quickly and effectively, contact our office. Call us at 408-358-5757 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your consultation.

Noninvasive rejuvenation of photodamaged skin using serial, full-face intense pulsed light treatments.

Posted September 15, 2017 in Blog & News

Originally posted:
Dermatologic Surgery : Official Publication For American Society For Dermatologic Surgery [et Al.]. 26(9):835-42; Discussion 843, SEP 2000
Download PDF


Photodamaged skin is characterized not only by rhytides, but also by epidermal and dermal atrophy, rough skin texture, irregular pigmentation, telangiectasias, laxity, and enlarged pores. There is growing interest in the development of noninvasive methods to treat photodamaged skin. Skin photorejuvenation is the visible improvement of photodamaged skin using a laser or other light source. A noncoherent, broadband, pulsed light source is effective in the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions of the skin. This study evaluates the role of intense pulsed light in the rejuvenation of photo aged skin.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate and quantify the degree of visible improvement in photodamaged skin following a series of full-face, intense pulsed light treatments.

Forty-nine subjects with varying degrees of photo-damage were treated with a series of four or more full-face treatments at 3-week intervals using a nonablative, nonlaser intense pulsed visible light source. Fluences varied from 30 to 50 J/cm2. Subject evaluation and skin biopsies were used to assess treatment results.

All aspects of photodamage including wrinkling, skin coarseness, irregular pigmentation, pore size, and telangiectasias showed visible improvement in more than 90% of subjects with minimal downtime and no scarring. Eighty-eight percent of subjects were satisfied with the overall results of their treatments.

Treatment of photodamaged facial skin using a series of full-face treatments with intense pulsed light is a new and effective noninvasive method of skin rejuvenation with minimal risk and no patient downtime.

Dr. Bitter Honored as Distinguished Faculty at AACD 2018 Meeting

Posted July 19, 2017 in Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr.

Dr. Bitter is honored to be distinguished faculty at the Advanced Aesthetics and Cosmetic Dermatology 2018 Annual Meeting in Marina Del Rey, California January 19-21, 2018. The AACD meeting provides information on and demonstrations of the newest advancements in non-surgical approaches to facial and body aging.

Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr. is the world expert in treating the skin with light and inventor of the acclaimed FotoFacial® procedure.  Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Bitter. Call us at 408-358-5757 or fill out our online contact form today!

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A4m Aesthetic Fellowship Module: Aesthetic Treatments utilizing laser, light & Energy

Chicago, IL

August 31 – September 3, 2017
8th 5 Continental Congress

Topics Included:  Techniques for eliminating bothersome lines with filler.
Three Keys to Success with Fillers and Optimizing Patients Outcomes
Barcelona, Spain

June/July 2017
Faculty Lecturer at The Aesthetic Show
Speaking on the Advanced Injectables and Techniques with host Dr. Andrew Ordon.

Dr. Bitter is a sought after speaker and a nationally renowned expert and lecturer on many topics including FotoFacial®, BBL, skin rejuvenation, and the new ManUp!™ and LoveTyte™. If you are interested in attending one of his training’s or conferences, call 408-358-5757 or email

To learn more about world renowned dermatologist Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr’s online training courses, contact him at (408) 358-5757 or opt in to our training notifications here.

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